10 Lessons I Am Adopting In 2021.

2020 was a tough year, it was the year where our economic systems were shaken, our faiths tested, jobs lost, marriages broken and for others, their sanity boxes unchecked. However bad the year was for most of us, we can only be grateful for crawling out of it alive.

Packed with so many negativities, failures and shortfalls, 2020 equally presented an opportunity for us all to sit back, take a breath, rethink, re-strategize and learn. Additionally, it provided many with a second chance at rediscovering and recurving our life’s goals and paths.

If not all, then some, I hope.

I can happily say that, amidst the pandemic, I got schooled in this street called life and enrolled once again in my own life’s class. Nothing about getting lectured is good but if you are keen enough on listening with the aim of learning, then you surely get out of it with knowledge.

I was open to learn. And just like a class, you get to practice every day what was taught. 2020 presented some nuggets of wisdom that made sense to me. I hope they make sense to you as well.

1. Connect to Your Spiritual Space.

This does not apply to Christians only but to each one that believes in a higher power beyond them. Having an opportunity to each time connect with your spiritual space can relieve you of any kind of tension or pressure you might be experiencing

2. Consider Decluttering Occasionally.

Our lives are many times clouded with so much unnecessaries that distract us from becoming our greatest selves. Look at your surroundings, how many things are just all over the place? What about your mind, do you often find it hard to think through stuff? that’s where decluttering comes in. Throw out, give out or just take out any unnecessaries that are filling up space that could otherwise be used for meaningful things

3. Learn the Art of Letting Go.

How many things are you holding on to that aren’t important or not adding any value to your life? Let go of those bitter emotions, clothes that you are attached to, that person who you still hope will come back or your other persona that constantly brings you down. LET GO and enjoy freedom.

4. Consciously Re-Discover Yourself.

The path to self-discovery is one less taken because most die a copy of others simply because we aspire to be like someone else hence end up re-living and curating their lives as our own rather than creating our own paths from our own experiences.

2020 was a wake-up call to many people. But as we try hard to curve our own paths and write our own stories, we should be cognizant of facts like understanding our own emotions, being unapologetic of who we are and want to be, being ready to set new boundaries and most importantly be prepared to have lone journeys and conversations. Take on this journey in this new year.

5. Adopt A Positive Mindset.

Being positive or having a positive mindset can change the perspective of how one looks at life. When you are positive about life, you only attract positive vibes as well. Life can throw you off balance leaving you with the option of embracing negativity. But that’s when you are required to be brave enough to embrace positivity.

When you embrace a positive mindset, everything positive automatically aligns to your favor.

Adopt a mindset of ‘am not doing it for them, but for me, my profile, my growth, and development’ and it will not look like a stretch to go that extra mile.

6. Be Grateful.

The most powerful phrase I learnt in 2020 was to always say THANK YOU. Being grateful to anything or anyone has the opportunity of turning a situation into one that is approachable.

2020 was the year where everyone was busy trying to survive, that stopping just for a second to be grateful for life was difficult.

But just imagine amidst through it all, you pause for a second and appreciate yourself. For staying strong and keeping it together, for choosing to be courageous and moving forward even when everything seemed to be at a standstill or collapsing. Saying thank you to all who supported you when you didn’t have it together, being grateful to the Highest for keeping you alive.

When you look at your environment, you realize there is a lot to be grateful for.

7. Grow Out of the ‘Insufficiency’ And ‘Scarcity Mindset’

What kind of a mindset is this? It is a mindset of constantly believing you are lacking. How many times do you always think of treating yourself or getting yourself something but once you think about it your mind immediately races to thoughts like, ‘I do not have enough money, or when I get this, what will I eat next week?’ these kinds of thoughts are what we term ‘the insufficiency mindset’ because you never have enough.

You will never have enough to spend on yourself but it is important to learn to appreciate oneself and others even when you are quite unsure of whether it will be enough. 

8. Go the Extra Mile

Doing that extra can be the icing into getting that deal or getting that reference of a job or task. Pushing yourself to do more even when you are not required to can take you from one level to the other. No one likes doing more but if you can, why not? Adopt a mindset of ‘am not doing it for them, but for me, my profile, my growth and development’ and it will not look like a stretch to go that extra mile.

9. Be Disciplined

Most of us struggle with staying true to ourselves, decisions, goals, and plans. Discipline breeds consistency and consistency, results. If we stay disciplined in our goals or whatever we set our minds to, what then will prevent us from achieving our ultimate goal? You are always one step away from achieving your goal. You just have to be DISCIPLINED.

10. Resist Less

A wise person once said, “less resistance, brings forth more opportunities.” I couldn’t agree more with this statement. When you are more open to saying yes consciously, you are met with endless opportunities that would be lost if you said no.

Don’t literally say yes to everything, access what you have to say yes to. However, don’t put yourself in a position of regret simply because your pride let you say no. This mantra can be applied in every aspect of your life. 

Every day, we are all presented with the opportunity to be better, to strive more and to be kinder to self. Don’t be hard on self if 2020 wasn’t your year, instead be grateful that a new opportunity has been granted so that you could soar and curve a new path.

Just like am still learning, I hope these few nuggets will help you navigate 2021.

Ahoy! Captain!

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