2021 Demands a Better Version of all Women.

As we say goodbye to the trials and tribulations that came with the Covid year we are met with a lot of uncertainty in our lives. The idea of a pandemic disrupting our lives has brought a lot of focus on the things that matter and different perspectives seem to be coming to light on that account. People died, others were born, some got married, some divorced, others lost their jobs, life moved on but what is it that you got out of 2020 and what are you bringing with you in 2021?

Reflecting on some of our life choices before the pandemic and after it, I am willing to confess our mindset has taken a deep dive. Today, there is the notion of live a little more, go for the roads trips and dates, say yes to that guy you have been crashing on at the office, take charge and finally say yes to having a baby, life is not so simple and you never know when it is going to be cut short, so that specific decision make it today, not next year today.

“So this is the year to take your power and embrace it. Let us take the immense power we know we have and put it into good use.”

Death seems more real today than it seemed two years back, and this has people running around asking different questions and trying for different answers. I have to confess that I may not be the same woman I was but I am hopefully much better and I intend to be more if life gives me the opportunity. I believe every woman and man has changed significantly.

The most important part of the pandemic for me was learning the balance between a man and a woman and getting a deeper understanding of how we are different.  For the longest time, the belief of men are stronger and should be always, has been painted and the most painful part has been ingrained in the mind of the woman so much that she thinks that she is the only one with emotions to share and things to say. The lockdowns and curfews have certainly turned the tide and helped have a different perspective and outlook on how people need to live.

The acting Chief Justice of Kenya, Philomena Mwilu.

The male gender is highly misled and completely lost if we continue in the same lanes we have been following. The number of men suffering from anxiety and depression due to the pressures of life is higher than the women’s number. The weird thing about these beings in pants is that they will act strong before their women, sisters, and mothers and fail to share their burdens while deep down they are dying a very slow death.

You may wonder how women come into the picture, so here goes. Women tend to be self-centered beings who think of themselves solely. We tend to put ourselves first and others behind, it is not cool anymore. It is time you looked into that man’s eyes and ask if they are really okay? If 2020 taught me something it is what we overlook is sometimes our reason for failure and the truth is women tend to make their issues seem grander and more important when the other party seems to be suffering more. So, let’s try and change our selfish needs and be a little selfless.

The Auditor General of the Supreme Audit Institution, Nancy Gathungu.

I think you wondering why I started the year off with a rant, maybe I did, but I am looking from the sidelines right now and I am asking myself how many times have I asked my male friends how they really feel, or is it just about the meets, a little food and drinks to say hurrah?

So this is the year to take your power and embrace it. Let us take the immense power we know we have and put it into good use, not just Instagramming but to make a difference, to fight for the rights of the people around us, and to become great examples to the world.

Taking an example off the screens, I look at the milestones Kamala Harris has achieved in the last couple of months and I feel motivated like I can do this too. So am I being overconfidet maybe?, but I know if anything is to work out I gotta put my foot out there. Nancy Gathungu definitely makes it seem possible and lets not count out Philomena Mwilu. Women, we need to rise up and take a stand.

So what is woman’s world Wednesday 2021 about?

It is about pushing men and women out of their comfort zones, it is about identifying with the people around us and not just caring about the inner woman.

It is about acknowledging the people around us and living healthy meaningful lives with a purpose. So welcome to a year of bumpy rides cause let’s not lie to ourselves it’s gonna be easy, ain’t nothing easy my friends.

This is going to be one hell of a ride and I hope you are ready to move with me as we explore the African woman, her capabilities, issues, strengths, and her relations with the opposite gender. Let 2021 be an eye-opener to our inner beings and be better versions of us.

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