2021: What 006ers Should Look Forward To From The Arenas.

Queens players firing themselves up before their match during the Governor’s Cup at Moi Stadium.

The discussion of the year that was is always never-ending and springs back bitter memories in abundance. Thus, from a sportsperson’s perspective, forgetting the dark period that was is heart-warming.

From cancelled tournaments and leagues to unpaid athletes and stadia devoid of activities (except, of course, the lawnmowers). With the new year quickly grasping roots through our calendars, all we could hope for is a resumption of our status quo, and perhaps best developments out of every sporting genre.

Here are some of the events and highlights we hope would light up 2021;


A friendly duel between Boda-Boda FC and Ndovu FC late last year.

Last year saw an early stoppage of every football leagues and cancellation of numeral tournament, all due to the Covid pandemic, with only the county-sponsored Governor’s Cup crawling to finish line late December. By the time of cancellation, most of our local teams were doing brilliantly in their respective competitions with the likes of Wild-Beast FC from Kariakor and Ndovu FC, promotion to higher echelons was becoming a probable reality.

Fortunately, after much talks from stakeholders in the sporting department, football is slowly restarting, now it is only a matter of time until fans are invited back for live matches. We hope to not only have these fixtures played to completion but see the resumption of annual tournaments such as the Youth Tournament and the Distar Tournament as well. We similarly are looking forward to seeing the beginning of the Ladies League, after getting a glimpse of what they truly are capable of from the recently concluded Governor’s Cup.


Its high time we had a “Hoop-Fest” in this side of the county. following the completion of the Kaloleni Basketball Court that was spearheaded by Hon Omar, ballers from all around that neck of woods have a place where they can play, train and develop to hopefully being some of the best from this region.

Numerous teams ball well from Voi town and set up a tournament that puts them all in one court would be the perfect way of launching the court officially.


Peter Mwasi of Mwatate United attempts a spectacular overhead shot against Sofapaka in an exhibition match last year at the Dawson Mwanyumba Stadium.

Ensuing the opening of the Dawson Mwanyumba Stadium in Wundayi sub-county, football fans got a second dose of ample contentment when Kenyan top-flight participants and one-time winner, Sofapaka, made a successful bid to play their home matches there.

Aside from regular live matches that fans are set to enjoy, prospects alike now have an opportunity for close-to-home trials and possibly call of duty from the former champions, like did Khaleed Deko. The former Homeboys and Ndovu Fc player got an opportunity of a trial and we all cross fingers and wish him best of luck. Should he end up in the “Batoto Ba Mungu” roster, it’s would indeed open up for finer talents from every corner of the county to try-out, work harder and prosper.

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