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voi2day@5 | 5 Years of Devoted Writing

voi@5 is a crown on the half-decade labor of our writing love, more precisely about voi Town, A spark, A dusty Mystery, A warm Cosmopolitan, A hot City, An economic engine, at the heart of Tsavo Region.

We consider voi2day@5 a milestone worth noting.

Inasmuch as the concept started off as solo passion by mr.job, back in the day, the idea and the platform has transcended personal interests and has progressively been molded to accommodate more worthwhile goals as we collectively stay loyal towards the overall vision of telling our local stories, narrating our day to day experiences, reporting on the ordinary unfolding and simply taking voi town online in better fashion, writers and readers alike.

Along the way, we’ve been inspired to not only write but also create complementing items around the voi2day.com blog, with inclusions of the 1st regional business magazine, The VOI BUSINESS NEWTWORK magazine, alias The VBN Magazine, A leading E-commerce and business directory, VBN Online, A podcast for the town, VOI PODCAST, a directory for local hotels, VOI HOTELS and ofcourse the CSR arm of the concept at large, VOI4IOV.

Progressively, we purpose to document more on v2d YOUTUBE Channel.Feel free to follow through.

The above inter-twined and interdependent innovative ideas, ideally remain an infinite work in progress as the team seeks to better each subsidiary and each tenet, guided and shaped innumerable inspirations but most importantly by your experience, as a reader or user.

And we highly appreciate it. We will continuously seek your support as a reader, a subscriber or just a general user.

During this commemoration phase, the v2d TEAM hopes you don’t mind considering ‘buying in support’ a v2d MERCH at the online v2d SHOP as well.