5 Simple Valentines Experiences You Can Consider.

Valentines is just one day away and am quite sure some of you are thinking of what special surprise to gift your loved ones. But let’s be honest, kama bado hujaomoka inaeza kuwa tricky kimpango, and also following how corona affected so many people’s jobs, there might not be enough to get a gift or take that special someone out during the day of love.

But who said valentine has to be a costly affair?

We can try and break free from the stereotyping around valentines. This time purpose to do it differently, do something out of the ordinary that won’t have you rob the bank.

  1. Hold a cooking competition

Yes, I know you are asking what if cooking is not my favorite? There are so many things that a couple or even a family can compete over. Cooking is just one of them. Having a cooking competition can be fun, simply because the competition can entail going to the market and buying the necessary ingredients, using a timer to time yourselves, food presentation and most importantly finding out who nailed the meal.

Equally, the competition doesn’t have to end at just announcing the winner/s, the looser/s can be required to do something for the winning team. This highly depends on what you guys have agreed on.

2. Have a candle light dinner at home

Most of the times people have normalized having dinners at hotels or restaurants, but what if this time, the venue changes and you hold that candle light dinner in your living room? Yes, I said living room, regardless of its state. You can all decide to prepare something, set the table, pour yourselves some wine and equally dress to kill for it.

Be the deejay and set just the right mood for the dinner, spruce things up by even having a romantic dance together before finally settling down for the dinner. Once the dinner is over you can catch up over a romantic movie or a bubble bath (if you lucky to have a bathtub in the house.) However the day ends, it’s all up to both of you.

3. Create a memory gallery together.

How much fun can this be? Imagine going through your childhood photos with your family or your spouse? Each one of you reminiscing over good old times either spent alone or together, laughing over photos when you all bado hamkua mmechanuka and even creating amazing gallery of memories of different photos taken in different occasions with just the best of intentions.

Try this about, be sure your ribs will crack.

4. Go for intentional shopping

Do you remember, the shopping you guys have been wanting to do together for sometime now? It could be outfit, gift, or even household stuff shopping. This time though it will not be random but intentional.

Why intentional? Think about some few months later, looking at that gift, or household item or outfit you’ll definitely feel some sense of love remembering the day and the intention behind it.

Sometimes good moments don’t have to just be memories, they could be seen, touched and even felt.

5. Read love or sweet messages for each other

Whew! If writing is not your regular cup of tea, I think it’s time to enroll for a writing class. but isn’t writing something for your loved one supposed to be flawless? I mean you know them so well and you definitely know what to say to make them happy.

This valentine, you could all decide to write those letters and later, read them out loud or you could exchange the letters and have the other read it out loud. Give it a shot and see how that turns out.

Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be a day where we spend and splash money all over, it can be a day where you all just genuinely ooze out happiness, joy, care and love. All this can be achieved in the simplest way possible. Everything that makes you happy in this world is free and most importantly, it’s priceless.

So, don’t worry if you are low on some mullah, I hope these few ideas can work out for you perfectly.

What is love then, if your loved ones are not there and happy with you?

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