Are Police above the law? It seems so!

Since the onset of COVID 19 there have been cases about police brutality and how inhumane they are to the same people they are supposed to be protecting. At least 6 souls have been rested to pieces! This definitely makes us question the concept behind the famous slogan ; Utumishi Kwa Wote . Is it really so?

People all over Kenya have been complaining about how the police have been treating common citizens during this pandemic.
It’s sad that the law enforcers that are supposed to ensure there is safety are the ones brutalizing and harming us.
Who do we run to whenever we are faced with problems? Can we trust them anymore? Are we sure that they can take care of our well being where need be?

In the first 10 days of the imposed curfew it is believed that at least 6 people died and more are nursing injuries not due to the COVID 19 but through police brutality. People have been mercilessly beaten and shot to death simply because they are believed to have not adhered to the curfew imposed by the government.

A case in Nairobi where a guy was heading to his house in Dandora at around 7:30 pm on the first day of the curfew with friends were brutally beaten by police officers. Upon being asked where they were from, they responded that they were from work and had no idea that the curfew had been imposed.
The police officers did not spare them and ended up beating them so badly. the young man escaped but with so many injuries which he later succumbed to death after two days in the hospital he had been admitted

So sad indeed!

As it is happening all over Kenya…it is also happening at home within the Taita Taveta borders.

Recently a young man who was found without a mask was taken to jail wrongfully charged. Supposedly he was charged for rape something that he did not commit , all in the name of not wearing a mask.

The police officer that saw him was a lady and while she was trying to catch the young man through the ups and downs…the police woman accidentally slipped.
The wrong charges on this guy could be because the officer felt like she needed to make the guy pay.
But why charge someone wrongly for a crime not committed?
Is it service to citizens or utumishi kwa wote or revenge against any civilian?

[epq-quote align=”align-center”]Are the police above the law or should we be scared of them and engrave it in our minds that they are not our friends but the enemies within?[/epq-quote]

This COVID 19 curfew has also opened an opportunity for police officers to ask for bribes and even looting people of money from their business if you are caught at a bad time.
This looting of money has driven many to close down their only means of survival

The police are also taking advantage of the fact that court cases have been suspended due to this virus and hence get a chance to ask for high bribes since even if they charge you, there is no court to challenge those charges.

The curfew is to be respected and not forced on Kenyans… It is something that is new to most of us and it being is imposed on us in a more understanding way is much better than being beaten and shot at.

We are all trying to keep safe from this pandemic but it looks like we get home early and wear masks not for the fear of this pandemic but from the fear of what would happen if a police officer found you out late or without a mask.

Kenyans have seen a bad side of the police force. Every day we keep realizing that it is ‘every policeman for themselves’ and not utumishi kwa wote. It has broken the trust by Wananchi in the police force.  It seems we are not only struggling to stay safe from a deadly virus but also from deadly men in blue especially during the moments in which we fail to beat the curfew, no matter how inevitable the situation could have been.

These cases of deaths and people nursing injuries are way more than we are shown and it is sad that police officers are not there to guide us and offer support during this pandemic but busy brutalizing us for something we are fighting.

Police officers are supposed to be friendly and the station should be a safe haven when we need protection. But the police are now becoming the enemies and the station a prison no one wants to step in even when genuinely in need.

What is happening to the Kenyan police force?
What happens to our brothers and sisters when they undergo training?

We the civilians are not the enemy. We are just human beings trying to find a people to whom we can share with or a place where our diverse grievances will be heard and the correct laws being executed.

Are the police above the law or should we be scared of them and engrave it in our minds that they are not our friends but the enemies within?

A section of Citizen flee during a past protest in Kenya : Photo Credits: Ben Curtis/Associated Press


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