Ballot Series | Can Previous TTC incumbents be re-cycled?

The launch of county governments In 2013, presented Taita Taveta with Gov. Eng. John Mruttu,  Hon. Senator Dan Mwazo, and Hon. Women Rep, Joyce Lay; a leadership trio that broke its virgin governance.

Their 5-Year accomplishments are of course debatable. And while a couple of voters could still create room to listen to these previous incumbents, from a ruthless viewpoint, some believe the trio was done and dusted by the people in the 2017 polls.

Why them, then?

Can’t really pinpoint what endeared these folks to the electorate back then. But generally speaking, beyond their well-oiled campaigns, it’s notable that their political ambitions in 2017 were layered, cushioned, and substantially elevated by friendly party choices; when the Chungwa was fresh!

Additionally, Maybe Mruttu equally gained hearts courtesy of his stellar academic and corporate leadership reputation prior to politics.

Maybe it was the same case for Dan Mwazo, who had grown into an astute marketer and corporate leader at the Coca-Cola multinational with vast exposure beyond the Dawida borders, diligently serving as Voi’s Member of parliament prior to eyeing the senatorial seat.

For Joyce lay, …well beyond other key factors, maybe her mesmerizing beauty could have been a bonus factor too. I would be hypnotized into ticking her face at the ballot too. Duh!

The Tripple Loss

Sadly, however, after the first 5 years, the trio would be sent home in 2017.

Mruttu was trounced by the Green Graham Samboja, who garnered 20,000 votes on top of his 20,000 already out of a possible 155,000 registered votes back then.

Mwazo would lose the senatorial seat to One Jones Mwaruma who endeared to many as an accomplished teacher, previously entrusted with various union leadership duties regionally prior to joining national politics.

Joyce Lay’s, blossom would be muddied by Haika, self-acclaimed Mama Sita, …wadawida! Yawa!

Unfairly Marred by an outsider-husband tag, Haika trod a path of faith, riding in as a first-timer and pulling off such a surprise.

In summary, the Trio that had launched the county leadership, in 2013 bit the dust in 2017 and they have since been withering in the political cold.

Not until recently…

With the trio’s supposedly undying political spirits, they are back again, different political outfits, different teams, different schemes, and probably a not-so-different agenda, and they need the people to re-entrust them.

Voters apparently have the liberty to make that decision, but not without asking questions.

Evidently, whether fortunately or unfortunately, the trio seems to be enjoying parte after parte, hopping from one party to another based on convenience. Whether this is a general Kenyan norm or not, it deserves a check at an individual level. Are they believers in party visions or subscribers to their ideals?

Or doesn’t it matter… Bora Kiti?

It is definitely gonna be an uphill, for these previous incumbents. 5 years in the dark, they pretty much succumbed to oblivion, not until recently when the campaigns were set on across the nation.

But maybe we can rule that point out since even the active occupants often disappear moments after taking the oath.

Pioneer disadvantage

Team Mruttu, has often rode on the narrative of ‘… being a first government, there was a lot that needed to be set up…’. Evidently, Team Mruttu has been taking a dig after dig at the current government, using the #heriMruttu shovel, with both excellencies tossing blames from Lake Jipe to Vuria, back and forth. From wrong administrative foundations, and unfinished projects, to insufficient budgets and pending bills.

If it works in either’s favor, well and good. But It remains debatable whether it suffices the need for re-election or trust with the CEO seat once again.

The Good MP

Many a people, acknowledge, Mwazo’s delivery as an MP and hold him in high regard locally. Apparently, for Dan Mwazo, it still seems his scorecard as the Voi Member of parliament 15 years ago overshadows his time in the senate 5 years ago.

Senatorial bills or are a little difficult to quantify or even worse, senatorial oversight roles are quite tricky to substantiate and present to Wakesho in Wonghonyi, Mwavula in Mbololo, or Mwang’ombe in Maktau.

Could that have been the reason, he was axed in 2017? Was it a case of a right mind in a wrong mandate? Bwana Mabadiliko can only hope the pillars of schools, social halls and health centers he’s credited for, are still strong enough to support his current gubernatorial ambition

Sister Lay

For Joyce, Oh My…Oh My… Superficially, everything seems intact, the blossom & Shine, probably even a little more.

This Jewel is blessed!

In the 5 years of political darkness, Joyce ironically found light, Yes! Spiritual Light.

And in between her private engagements and businesses including opening the bottling company a couple of years back, the switch to gospel music, under the moniker ‘Jewel’ remains as prominent as it baffled many.

A turn-around back to politics is double-baffling. Am hoping it isn’t a back-slide, Sister Lay! But I Pray, May more blessings come your way.

Whether we will make voting decisions premised on the trio’s previous accomplishments or not, and whether the decisions will simply be based on the new political current, regardless of the 5-year active-politics gap; it remains a solo secret by the Datu voters come August 9TH, 2022.

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