Ballot Series | Top 5 slogans shaping 2022 polls, #AminiaMama and others

They might seem like some loosely formulated word combinations carelessly thrown around. Well, in some cases they are but in some scenarios, slogans or hashtags are well thought out, branding and marketing tools intended to shape, identity, conversations, perceptions, and so much more.

Whether bound to products, brands, companies, people, programs and so on, slogans and hashtags play a key role in attracting and welcoming the target audiences into one’s fold.

The politicians and the political campaigns are no different. And for the campaign teams conscious enough about the impact of slogans and hashtags, you’ll realize they have slogans or hashtags that are well thought out, and consistently rolled out as key elements of the overall campaign strategy.

In a nutshell, slogans and hashtags tend to sum up the candidate’s profile, ideals and respective agenda significantly. Often, they eventually become a solid premise upon which the whole campaign is based.

No one really has the time to dig into a Manifesto Booklet, promising 10 stadia in 6 months. Right?

Globally speaking, one of those slogans that undeniably resonated and inspired many across the globe was the ‘YES WE CAN’ steered by the Obama camp in the 2008 elections.

It seems self-explanatory, or doesn’t it?

The slogan or hashtag broadly captured a lot in their campaign context back in the day; whether at an individual level or at the democrats’ party level.

From the possibility of Yes!  An African could indeed finally make it to the white house, …to Yes! The change they yearned for could ultimately be realized, …to Yes! You can simply dream believe and achieve….to yes… etcetera etcetera

I have no clue what Obama’s 10-point Agenda was, Do you? I guess not. But YES YOU CAN, remember the slogan.

Nationally, in Kenya’s current campaign season, the Two major camps are narrowing down their messages into distinct slogans and hashtags, mainly  #Inawezekana #Azimio and #KenyaKwanza #BottomUp.

There is no doubt that Beyond the manifestos already under lock and key at the party HQs, the current season will remain significantly be defined by the above slogans and hashtags.

#Inawezekana, a rallying call for a progressive and a united Nation, #KenyaKwazna, a rallying call for a focus on economically empowering people starting with the low class.

As highlighted above, beyond just joining words and boisterously spewing them around There are a couple of expectations in order for a team to have a cutting edge, slogan or hashtag that can substantially define a campaign.

Simplicity, Memorability, Relevance, Context, Goal, Wittiness… etcetera.

Locally Speaking…

I recall being involved in Granton Samboja’s campaign visual concepts in 2017. I coined the slogan #SuraYaMaendeleo or simply translated to “The Face of Development” and am glad it made it to the final official campaign materials that season. (shhhh!…am yet to invoice)

His Success in the Corporate circles was undeniable. He was fresh blood in the political scene, and well, he comparatively seemed pretty young or looking at his counterparts.

Additionally, His Running mate DG. Majala Mlagui shared more or less the same attributes and on top of it her unmistakable, killer-a-gap smile was an icing… physically speaking.

#SuraYaMeandelo, equally implied the need for development. It was a subtle jab at the existing government, that there was nothing much to write home about and it was also a reminder to the electorate that they deserved better.

And who else could offer that, other than the duo that perfectly befit the slogan #SuraYaMeandelo?

5 years on, whether the above has come to pass or not, it remains debatable. However, I trust this played a role consciously or subconsciously.

Looking at the current political campaign season, I pick and analyze a couple of slogans and hashtags guiding and shaping this campaign season specifically in Taita Taveta County.

Perhaps some were deliberately crafted by the official campaign teams, whereas some, have organically and effectively morphed in these digital streets, powered by keyboard worriers.

Generally, I find the following definitive.



This is Championed by Team Patience Nyange in the gubernatorial race.

Whether ‘Mama’ here, specifically refers to Ms. Patience Nyange a trailblazer in her own right, or it generally refers to the need to entrust women at large in the 2022 polls, I find it as a powerful reminder for us to look beyond the traditional Male leadership.

Maybe it’s time we tested and found out what’s up in ‘Mama’s’ leadership basket.

Interestingly, #AminiaMama could definitely transcend her individual quest. Perhaps, we should begin believing in women leadership across the board, from the ward to the National levels of 2022 elections and beyond.

In the meantime, Team Patience has authoritatively owned #AminiaMama and it’s a great anchor for her agenda.




This is championed by Team Rachel Mwakazi, in her gubernatorial quest.

#Amakeni, is a one-word slogan that is a solid reminder to the electorate to simply wake up!

Sure, maybe we’ve been sleeping for far too long this concise call from ‘Mama Ulaya’ is all we need to heed to, tuamke! and get things done.

Taita Taveta County has for long been referred to as the Sleeping Giant. Could we have overdosed on poor leadership anesthetics? Well, Amkeni in its most literal form is an ideal message to all that just came at the right time.

Equally, this quality slogan isn’t just applicable at a regional level; this bold message could cut across the board too.



This is championed by Team Mruttu, for the gubernatorial race.

Now, this might seem basic but still witty. It’s clearly a jab at the current government, an unwavering reminder that ‘Hello, Datuzens compare and contrast, weren’t we a better administration?’

Am not certain, whether it’s being steered officially by #TeamMruttu or simply by the people. But Well, replay the slogan and listen to it carefully; it could equally be a self-stab, denoting Team Mruttu was a lesser evil.

Be so as it may, Evil is Evil. Under par delivery is under par delivery, Bad Governance is bad governance whether under Mruttu or under Samboja.



This is championed by Team Samboja for the gubernatorial race.

Team Samboja has thrown around, #KumiBilaBreak #TanoTena #Kaziiendelee as peripheral messages this season.  However, In my Book…. I find the #Sambojamashinani a better contender.

While the slogan’s focus may not be wholesome “geographically speaking”, Team Samboja and the administration seem to be rooting their campaign literally on their scorecard at the grassroots levels.

And well, Unlike their counterparts, they seem to know exactly where the votes are, and precisely how to get there physically into their hearts emotionally ….yes! Mashinani.

While the middle-class, (that will likely not lift a leg to the polling station) is yearning for mega projects to put the county on the Map, Samboja Administration finds it’s glory in that water tap installation in Maktau, that culvert in Maweni, that marram road in Saghalla, that Insemination program in Dembwa, that donation to weavers in Mbololo.

This campaign season, they are summing up these efforts as #SambojaMashinani.  Given the incumbency, this ironically,  is probably the slogan to beat in the TTC gubernatorial elections.


This is championed by Team Haika in the Women Rep. Race.

Well, evidently this is an attractive slogan or hashtag thanks to the rhymey catchphrase. It cuts as a reassurance that all has been well with mama sita and all should keep on being confident in her leadership.

Whether that’s the case or not, this is just a slogan, but a punchy one so to speak.

There are quite a number of notable slogans out there, however, most of them seem pretty basic and obvious; and revolve around ‘tujenge, …, tuendeleze…, tuinuke…, tubadilishe…., … tano bila break, …kumi bila break, …tano tena.  etcetera.

Once again, In my book…. These do not make a cut for outstanding slogans.

Congrats! to the teams and brains that coined the aforementioned. I trust they significantly and appropriately influence the electorate to your advantage.

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