Big man’s Health, A Cause for worry, not Ridicule.

While we can’t certainly point which health issue befell the County Boss, or continues to befall His Excellency Governor Granton Samboja, no special lenses are needed to see that something has certainly been a miss.

Not just today. But for some time now.

As the Country sunk into the ravaging Covid-19 effects with infection statistics peaking mid-last year, The Big man, for a while went MIA, for the 60s babies, read…Missing in Action.

Netizens were driven into the horizon of queries, but before we could tip over, The Deputy Governor, Her Excellency Majala Mlagui, Shared a vague update, that was a little reassuring but at the same time baffling.

The photo tagged along, a near-unrecognizable pale, depressing figure of Samboja, and it expectedly sparked an Inferno of speculations henceforth.

Naturally, back then, much was attributed to COVID-19, something he clearly refuted on Radio and months on, that assumption has evidently been watered down.

It’s Certainly not COVID-19!

However, one fact that remains a constant is… something is still amiss!

H.E. Granton Samboja Prio to Joining politics in 2017

The once well-built Executive, with exuding vibrance, served in a couple of parastatal and premier corporate boards, at some point serving in the capacities of Chairman of the Coast Water Services Board, Mediamax among other ventures, prior to joining politics in 2017.


The boisterous demeanor and cadence were unexpectedly flipped mid-term and the 006 CEO, continues to project a feeble figure. Fair enough to note though, the appearance as weak doesn’t necessarily ascertain the condition.


Regardless, neither has a public notice been issued at a personal level nor in the Capacity as the County Boss. And thus, much is still subject to speculations albeit in hush tones, both within and beyond the county borders, … the streets are talking.

Fit or Not?

Whereas health issues ought to be private, in Advanced Jurisdictions, Health Conditions of Public Servants especially holders of Key Political offices in the land, are of great interest to the public and worth regular assessment.

A great faction of the electorate might desire to not only see a declaration of wealth status but also a declaration of health status prior to or even during their terms in service; The simple query being…, How fit are you to lead or govern…or continue leading and governing?

Lack of clear policies around this however, inevitably leaves the issue in a grey space. And therefore, it’s optional for leaders to reveal or conceal critical information around  underlying, ongoing or encountered health issues, IF ANY!

The danger of revealing critical health details is the potential negative public perception regarding leadership capability, while the danger of Concealing is that the public is likely to be subjected to underperformance courtesy of the office holder’s health condition.

Both scenarios are relatively destructive though, and there is no doubt that the ‘victim’ or ‘survivor’ could be caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

Could Granton be facing that predicament?

Noticeably, this dilemma often spills to close associates, within the circles of power, with hardly any persons daring to ask and least of all, the Official Communication Unit daring to utter a word.

It is understandable. But perhaps not excusable.

Classic cases
United States (US) has had a history of Candidates, Sitting Presidents and their teams or administrations, doing as much as possible to conceal heath issues that has always been a critical factor of consideration by the electorate.

Donald Trump, during his second bid, is one among the few that admitted to having positively tested for Covid-19 while on the campaign Trail and heading into a scheduled presidential debate slated for the 2020 Elections.

Notably that was a punching point by the Bidden Camp.

Contrastingly, earlier on in the 2016 race, Trump’s opponent Hillary Clinton and Her Camp remained tightlipped on a health scare, after the candidate tripped and almost fell, subject to an occasional health condition that had been concealed.

Luckily or not so luckily the paparazzi caught that on tape.

But before the duo above, an array of predecessors and their respective Presidential Press Service and Communication teams equally did a ‘fantastic job’ in staying mum and as much as possible on whatever befell the big men at the helm.

Grover Cleveland, had a secret surgery on a yacht ashore to remove a tumor.

William McKinley was near death due to pneumonia but still the Administration rubbished claims something was amiss.

Woodrow Wilson supposedly caught syphilis but the team sugar-coated it as fatigue.

Franklin Roosevelt’s team hid the paralysis he suffered out of polio, that occasionally left him in a wheel chair. Hardly did the public know, save for secret photos unleashed later on.

Dwight Eisenhower suffered a heart attack but history says they called it a stomach upset.

John F. Kennedy, hid the underlying health complications till assassination.

Current US President Biden’s health has been a subject of concern prior to and while in office.

2022 Re-Election Bid

Well, those are just but a few cases that denote how the health issue has been handled in other Jurisdictions and in highest offices in the land. Therefore, it ought not to surprise local citizenry why they ought to keep guessing.

Unfortunately, in this guess work and more especially in the digital spaces, many have wrapped the sorry GS transformation into ridicule with some far tetched hypotheses that the sane, can’t help but sympathize.

Notably, the opposers of Granton’s Administration, the opponent camps and their disciples have equally found this to be an ideal propaganda fodder.

Some Quarters have fronted a terminal disease, some… savagely, a pending-bills-curse, some… Political & Administrative Stress…and well netizens are still gonna talk and type. Maybe until they get enlightened on the matter.

H.E. Hosting a Forum a while ago.

At the height of the issue a while back, some observers suggested a step-down for the Deputy Governor to carry on with the gubernatorial mandate.

Gradually however, HisExcellency has seemingly recovered, save for the Weight; he has embraced the state and continues to Surprisingly and Authoritatively occupy his seat.

Conversely, to some, it turns out that the current situation is a show of GRIT and sheer will to keep sailing, which is Still a key leadership quality for any captain.

All said and done, Does the health Issue Affect chances for a 2nd Term Re-election?


Maybe -Maybe Not.

Well, in the upcoming 2022 August elections, the underinformed, un-informed and the misinformed factions of the County006 electorate, might just make the own conclusions and a couple could be swayed to cast the other way, a least to genuinely offer His Excellency a rest…not necessarily on the basis of delivery, but perhaps, SIMPLY, on the basis of Health.

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