VOI TBT:Bigvai Mwailemi. LEFT BEHIND? TAKEN BACK? Or Cannot Be ignored?

The streets talk. But we write.

In this TBT piece, we cast the spotlight on one of voi’s popular names, and a Taita Politics firebrand that seems you can’t quite ignore following the recent developments. Touted as a hopeful contender or for voi’s parliamentary seat in the Next Election, the streets hope he could perhaps be endorsed, take over, or rather topple the veterans come 2022

Prior to the Current call up to serve as Political advisor to the Governor, Bigvai Mwailemi has worn many hats and equally won many hearts over the years in both the public and private service albeit with a regional perspective.

Before venturing into the corporate world, this Liverpool die hard, an old boy of Dr. Aggrey High school, has always been a soccer fanatic, a passion that evidently he’s never outlived regardless of the direction of his professional pursuits.

At some point, he served as the regional FKF Secretary-General a post in which he supposedly transformed sports, or at least did the best he could to re-ignite the passion for soccer and sports at large regionally.

As the soccer muscles got worn out, slowly but steadily, the academic, professional, entrepreneurial and political muscles grew day by day. As a professional marketer, he rose the ranks as an intern at Qwetu Sacco to serve as Chief Marketing Officer-C.M.O, arguably the 3rd most critical administrative office at the point of exit before plunging into local politics around 2016/17 leaving behind a fairly visible and vibrant home-grown Sacco

As a key member of the youthful Granton Samboja Campaign team, it’s fair to acknowledge the critical role these young, ambitious and aggressive Turks collectively played especially in amassing the Youthful block of the local electorate that voted in Taita Taveta County’s 2nd Governor, Granton Samboja.

A good chunk were rewarded for a job well done. IT’S POLITICS!

Bigvai, Former CECM Youth, Sports, Culture, Trade, Tourism…

A deserved relevant, appointment in Samboja’s government as the CECM of Youth, Sports… (And related sub-sections) was just but a suitable political gift as the streets would call it. And there is no doubt that he did fit in, in his first political appointment. Many deemed him the Right hand-CECM of Granton Samboja.

While at the helm, bearing in mind the un-ending Olele re-shuffles, as the streets would call them, Bigvai Mwailemi, and MBA holder, over the two and a half years in government, he pretty much had, at an arm’s length, all the buttons to push as far as county youth, sports, women, trade, tourism were concerned

It’s still debatable, …on the streets … what Ouma’s score card would read regarding the above dockets, His popularity over that period of time in which he served, is definitely unquestionable, whether it was a well-oiled PR machinery actively driven against the hashtag #LeavingNoOneBehind and regular Social Media campaigns championed by Stanley Makeo-The PR reverend, or whether it was as a result of genuine performance an tangible results, it’s up for debate.

Broadly speaking however, there are a few items, you can’t quite take away from him would be the revivals of The County soccer team and sports at large, re-activations and regulars sensitizations of youth and Women Groups, and formation of new ones, Talanta 006 fair, vijanaa006, Dawida Cultural Festival, Controversial abolishment of the Controversial DATU Fund, just to mention but a few. Part of which most died as soon as he exited

The astute entrepreneur, barely out of the age 35 bracket, seemingly created and cemented a bond and attachment with most of the youth that perceived his appointment to the CECM position in 2017 and the subsequent service as a fresh breath of air.

I felt so too.

Over my interactions with Bigvai in 2014/15, at Qwetu Sacco as the CMO or while in government as the CECM, one attribute that stands the test of time, is passion for the youth. The execution methods or delivery strategy may be subject to debate as well or perhaps just dependent on how the systems works, but passion for young people remains a constant.

Regardless of the above, a mid-term Olele re-shuffle late last year, LEFT BIGVAI BEHIND!

The streets stated different reasons, gave diverse suppositions and farfetched hypotheses, from one lane to another; we can’t quite just dig into each. And we must have all been left behind too, guessing…

Until the 2nd Appointment came calling about a week ago, ironically from the same source that dropped him before. This time not as a CECM but rather as a political advisor to His Excellency.

He’s been finally taken back. And the streets have been taken back to the ‘talking board’!

Whether this is a political or administrative positioning move or not, whether this is a case of broken ties finally mended or not, or whether Bigvai Mwailemi Ouma, cannot just be ignored? It still remains a debate for the streets

Congratulations, Senior.

But before the Kitambis and V8s, Let’s roll back to the formative days of a promising half-cast of the Taita hills and the Lakeside city.

So help me God
With the Boss
Sanitized way long before Covid-19
With FKF Boss, Mwendwa during the County team, Taita Taveta-All Stars launch
Meeting 001
Hands On
The Big man’s favorite…
With County Soccer Big-wigs
Women in Sports empowerment
Not limited to Soccer
Chatting the Anguos … Women Empowerment
Cross border…
A man of the people
Communal Responsibility
Available and Accessible

Back to the roots
His First Love
A Red For Life
Majamaa hiyo Glucose haifiki huku?…
A team player
Saa zingine Mauzo …


Works before Mchezo… at the onset of the professional rise
Luo Genes detected
Enzi za bora Shati…
Biggy The Farmer
Chumz na raha mdogo mdogo
Wait !… A case has been identified….
The widest his eyes have ever been…
Hustle ikianza…
Hizo trousers vipi…?
A key player…  (Front row , Center)
Got to start from somewhere
Hii tie si inatoshana na kichwa….ilikuwa lazima?
Corporate Image demands …si ni life.
A case of humble beginnings
Unlimited passion


Enzi za Bora Uhai…
My Ferrow Kenyan … there is a future!


I wouldn’t mind a few more chapters, the professional, political trajectory if just but ok. The upheaval are just but normal, so far so good. It’s a journey I believe as it is, it still suffices to inspire many. Depending on how one looks at it. We wish you nothing but the best. Carry on , Waziri !

Bigvai Mwailemi Ouma- Political Advisor to the Governor, H.E. Granton Graham Samboja

The Founder and Editor In Chief of voi2day.com and its affiliate brands. He currently serves as the CEO of Tsavo Media Group, the umbrella agency. A natural creative, a writer, an avid reader, a tech, passionate marketer, and a brand design enthusiast.

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