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Hello 2021! Time to take action as an investor.

I believe the new year dawned with refreshed hope and new resolutions as usual. 2020 was a special year as…

6 months ago

Best sites to learn Forex trading: Check out No. 5

Investing in oneself pays the highest return in the long run. Good thing is that with the continued penetration of…

12 months ago

What is forex?

Do I really have the correct definition of what forex is?  I really don’t know.  The meaning of Forex has…

12 months ago

How to Pick a Winning Stock

Investing in the stock market can be very daunting because the risk of losing money is very real. Even though,…

1 year ago

Just a 100 shares in a company of my choice! I think I will jump in

I find the stock market interesting for one main reason- it is loved and hated in almost equal measures.  Some…

1 year ago

Money Monday: Rules for better returns in every investment

Every game has rules and so does investment. To get it right, you must do it right. Playing by the…

1 year ago

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