Political Tuesdays

Multi-level, Incisive look and critical analyses of the local, regional and national political landscapes and issues in tandem with the wanjikus

BBI not Worth Fighting For

The "MOI" Constitution that a good majority of us (youth) grew up under had a few grey areas which could…

8 months ago

To my MP, Donate Games Kits yes, but Invest Holistically in the Football Sporting Industry

They say there’s politics in football. And football in politics. One can be either a problem or a solution to…

9 months ago

The General Is Here: KILIFI POLITICS

Hurlingham DOD Headquarters has already adapted to life without our retired General, apparently, the second senior-most soldier in the nation…

1 year ago

Kenya’s Tourism & Hospitality Industries Might Have Just Lost It

As a local kid whose upbringing almost entirely relied on the tourism & hospitality industry, I am afraid that I…

1 year ago

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