Communication, the secret to a happy marriage.

Having a broken marriage does not necessarily mean that you and your partner are divorced or separated. Most people stay in their marriages even when they know there is nothing to hold on to.  Communicating to one another in a marriage has often been seen to be a task rather than a fun activity. But if you don’t communicate how do you learn to understand your partner? People in this generation have put their concentration more on staying online in their social media platforms that they forget that socializing is one important way of creating long lasting relations.

Research was done on why most couples have broken marriages and surprisingly, infidelity wasn’t mentioned as the main underlying reason. Most people believe that once you cheat on your partner that’s the end of things. It is for other people but not all. Lack of good communication was the most underlying reason as to why most marriages break. Shocking right? Something so simple but difficult for people to do. Communication is key. It is one of the things I advocate for because it holds a lot of power in any form of relationship.

What does good communication with your partner necessarily mean? This is not the normal communication of greetings and asking your partner to do something for you. It is something deeper than the day to day conversations. There is this friend that tells me always that whenever you have an argument with anyone, instead of just apologizing and getting over with things it is important to speak about your emotions. What did she mean by this? Ensuring that your partner and friend understand how they made you feel and what it did to you. Most of us do not do this. This type of communication is absent in a lot of marriages and relationships.

Communication can mean telling your partner every day how good they make you feel. Appreciating their presence in your life and also the good things they do for you and the family. When they hurt your feelings do not create a wall around yourself and act coldly but try and approach it in a kinder manner that will create an environment for a peaceful reconciliation. Shouting and being rude ends up creating more problems. When your partner approaches an issue ensure that you concentrate more on listening to what they are saying rather than being defensive. Remember they are not the enemy but someone just looking for a way around an issue.

Proper communication does not have to apply only when there are arguments but at all times. It is believed there are less arguments when people are open in their communication. Do not assume that your partner is aware of how good or important they are in your life. They need to hear it all the time to remind them that they are valued and they are not being taken for granted. Communicate about your desires. If you don’t communicate your desires to them they will never know what you like and you might assume they do not care. The choice of words also matter. Being humble and kind while communicating something to your partner is quite important.

With good communication in a marriage all these other reasons that lead to a broken marriage end up getting flushed away. If you are not good at communicating you can ensure you work on it day by day to ensure there is less conflicts at home. Communication should be prioritized in every marriage. It holds the key to saving a lot of arguments.

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