County Government Absence in private forums, quite loud.Organizations cry foul. Is it a trend?

Last weekend I graced the Taita Taveta Professional Women Association (TTPWA)  2nd Annual Awards Gala with my better half and colleague. A colorful event indeed. Pink and Purple… ideal!  You never go wrong with that, speaking of the girl child.

So this happened at Vacani Resort, Organized properly by the team involved under the leadership of the dashing and accomplished Milkah Righa and colleagues. The attendance, set up, the program, Speeches were pretty much all on point. So was the Coverage too.

There was something missing however, a proper official representation from the County Government of Taita Taveta. Most importantly the relevant dockets bearing in mind the Nature of the Group, WOMEN! And equally the theme, Education & Girl Child empowerment.

It is ok to acknowledge the usual, unavoidable circumstances excuse. Yes it happens. We are human. It is acceptable too.

In the case for Taita Taveta Professional women, it is also fair enough to acknowledge the representation in various official capacities such as the office of the County First Lady, The PA was in, Nominated MCA, and Hon. Naomi Shaban was in, Wundanyi MP Hon. Mwashako was in, Nominated woman MCA was in too among others; most of who attended privately or by virtue of association to the group or personal relations.

Even more conspicuously missing was the county government as one of the official sponsor. Perhaps this was an organizer decision. Perhaps not.

There could be an array of other mentions as a result, The Sote Hub-VSO youth forum, held earlier in the year, the100years world war 1 commemoration celebrations held not so long ago, or talk of The VBN launch… Just to mention the few am very aware of.

I can’t quite speak of much about what is going on out there, nonetheless, the above, coupled with the innumerable hearsay, it is suffice to say there is a vibe sweeping across highlighting county absence in such forums as an issue. This is also considering the relevance of such groups and the themes of such events, nature of initiatives or programs among other aspects. And this is all FROM A LAYMAN’S  EXPECTATION & VIEWPOINT; the county should be a part of these on a more visible,supportive, collaborative and active capacities.

A perspective from which I shall present this brief  opinio-analysis piece.


Keep in mind that besides general invitation to county offices, often there are individual invitations to various office holders. Which in considerable number of cases are hardly attended.

The presupposition has always been… private organization or the various  regional groups organizing events, setting up initiatives, running various programs locally and seeking collaborations or support from county government… it’s all because of the money.

I beg to differ too.

I happen to have been a part of or lucky to have interacted with a considerable chunk the regional corporate fabric. And this cry is getting louder by the day. Lack of County involvement in private corporate affairs.  Sadly, this happens despite the good intention of such organizations or corporations to contribute to general well-being of the common mwananchi.

I would like to be bias a little bit and categorically say “it’s not always  just about the money!”

I do understand, as most would (I hope), that the governments function, whether County or National, is neither to solely support financially every time in case of an invite. But it is equally important to note that, the representatives of government at least those on official capacities, they should be kind enough to understand that their presence is equally valuable and would highly be appreciated upon acceptance of such invitations.

It is impossible to forget the common argument of unless it is political, or if only it does guarantee political mileage, will the government of the day and its representatives be present, or be part of the function, initiative or program.

If that’s the case, well it is a vice in itself, a culture that deserves eradication because the alienation and disassociation especially by the private wing (at least regionally speaking of Taita Taveta and the CBOs, NGO’s, General institutions and organizations) is becoming imminent by the day.

Before the question of …” when did the rain start beating Taita Taveta County in regard to the Government &  Private org. relations”… comes up or goes on… , I pose the question How can we (either side of the divide ) achieve the synergy to work together for the sake of common mwananchi?

Ps. We are all Common Wananchi!

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