VIDEO: DJ Max Tribute:Voi Remembers Max The Deejay

As the COVID YEAR nears it’s end, we can’t seem to keep our faces dry and off tears just yet,  as we bid farewell to yet another young and promising star. On Monday the 12th, curtains went down on Maxwell Omengo, popularly known as Dj Max and to some Max The Deejay.

Max, was one of the most entertaining disk jokers around and there is no doubt he thrilled his fans and revelers alike with his party lighting repertoire during his time in Voi. He was a long-serving entertainer at Club Rosewood and had occasional appearances at Club X-tacy and La Paz.

Over last weekend, Voi town led by Veteran DJ Dola papi, commemorated the fallen fellow comrade alongside other key former associates and friends. A function that culminated with candle lighting in honour of  Max The DJ

The belated had a humble and calm demeanor as per David Matasa, the current event manager at Rosewood Bar and Grill. “He never picked fights nor quarrels with anyone. He was a brilliant guy to work with and I feel we’ve lost a star way too soon.”

Similar sentiments were shared with Djs Tron Guru of Vacani Resort, Krepta of Shomoto Lounge, Dj Jack of Milka Lounge and Dolla Papi of Big Tunez Entertainment. Collectively, they praised his unmatched skills and his willingness to teach and mentor young Djs into the profession, such as the aforementioned DJ Krepta and Tron guru.

For others, like MCs Apacho and Marox The Don, he was more of a friend than just a comrade. “He was of immense value connecting me to gigs and events. Not just in Voi but Nairobi as well. He was a brother. I’ll surely miss him”, said Apacho. Marox the Don, Weekend drive show host at VOI PODCAST equally thanked DJ Max for invaluable support and introduction at the Kenya capital’s night scene.” He called me up when in Nairobi and we did a show at Club 7. Since then I’ve had so many shows in the city and I’ll forever be grateful.”

It’s not only entertainers that celebrated the late. Tsavo Media Group’s C.E.O and Editor-Chief of mr. Job,  described Max The DJ as a super talent, a gentleman who was on his path to stardom. “The grim reaper robbed us off, one of the finest, too soon. He was perhaps on the verge of an industry breakthrough. May he spin with the angels.’’ He asserted.

Dj Max passed away after battling a short kidney-related illness and will be laid to rest at his rural home on the 24th of October.

voi2day wishes the family and friends grace from the Almighty as they sail through these trying times and for his soul to forever dwell in eternal harmony. For he was a true friend we knew personally and will forever be irreplaceable.

In his honour watch the collective Voi Tribute.


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