Does Fuel Shortage justify client exploitation?

The issue of fuel shortage around the country got me thinking if surely given an opportunity as human beings will we exploit others because we need to fend more for ourselves? Fuel rarely has the push and pull of demand and supply until recently when most stations country-wide went dry with not even a drop to sell to their normal customers.

Why this is happening? While some might be aware and continue to feel the pinch day in, day out, some are perhaps clueless. Regardless, what baffles me is the level of exploitation Kenyans are going through in the name of, “we struggle to get petroleum, it’s hectic for us”  Indirectly it means “We want you all to pay.”

But with the fuel shortage have the prices per liter hiked? Supposedly no, it is just a shortage, so why would boda boda operators and matatu owners hike fare charges simply because there is fuel shortage?  While some argue of long waiting hours, others are simply following the masses.

We claim the government is not considerate of the common mwananchi but aren’t we all doing that when a window of opportunity opens? Are we considering this father, mother, or student that could have that less to get to their destinations?

Obviously, a good chunk of the low and middle class highly, and continue to depend on boda boda for the daily mobility.

Time to eat?

Speaking to a couple of boda boda operators within voi town, some admit they still fill their tanks at the regular rates except for the long waiting hours and rationing in certain service stations. Be that as it may, I object boda boda operators and matatu owners simply reflecting their long-queue frustrations towards their loyal passengers.

Operators unnecessarily hiking their rates ought to tell Wanjikus; Are you really doing it because of fuel shortage or simply because the window of opportunity temporarily favors you, and thus it’s your time to eat?

And then, aren’t we simply what we often complain about regarding the government of the day and its leaders?

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