Double Caution encouraged for COVID-19 low risk areas such as Voi following the lockdown lift

Thank you Mr. President for the Lift.

Well, it certainly does mean a lot as far as the economy is concerned. At least from what the experts have noted. Both Expert and Laymen opinion may be still varied at this. The proponents and the anti-s will of course be there. However the underlying wish for every mr.job, Dick and Harry is that we get back to the OLD NORMAL.

In regards to the lift, I do not object either. It’s true. As a nation, as counties, as families, as organizations and as businesses, we have been at a standstill. Many were trapped across Counties. Some families haven’t; quite shared a meal in such a long time. Supplies had stalled and the deficiencies were quite voluptuous.

A lift after 60+ days would mean a breath of fresh air to most. It would mean some sense of liberation, it would mean freedom!

With the aforementioned, the desire to break these temporary COVID cages has been harbored days on end and with bated breath, millions across the country have always looked forward to the commanders in Chief’s presser hoping for a lift.

And here it is.


As Kenyans, we are ready to MOVE!

Of course with our relentless spirit, we are ready to pick from where we left. And so we will.

Whether a faction still buys into COVID-19 being a hoax or not, a second wave would probably be touted as the 2nd worst fear for many after the fear of the Virus’ existence in itself

Counties have been recording cases, week in week out based on these set and series of reports, any sane being can evidently pick out the less risky areas geographically, whether by province or counties.

Naturally, many may be prompted to shift to the seemingly less risky zones

Even if not. Some of these less risky zones could be on the pathway of the expected movement in the next couple of days or weeks courtesy of the Lockdown Lift.

A case in point, voi Town, a business hub, right by the Mombasa Nairobi Highway, and the encompassing, a coastal tourism destination have comparatively recorded ‘no serious COVID-19 cases’ since the onset of the Corona Pandemic; Barely cases in their teens

Natives locked away from home, must be booking the next bus home regardless of wherever they have been trapped over the last couple of months.

Residents From and To Nairobi and Mombasa, vis a vis, will be compelled to either make stops along the Highway or within Voi Town while on transit.

Beyond the Curfew that has been maintained, there aren’t specific regulations targeting the movement process. As result, the normalcy that may be exhibited at the wake of this lift, may, in turn, be a curse, more so to the local residents that have comparatively felt safe over the last couple of weeks

God Forbid!

Uncertain as the situation may be in the next few years, the ball of double caution is thrown to the local residents in the low-risk zone areas.

Unbeknownst to you, is who alights next in town, from where is the gentlemen or woman you meet at the Supermarket alley, Who was just dropped by the cab or boda boda you are about to take. Who sat on the restaurant table from which you are about to order. Is it somebody who broke from the high-risk COVID zones

Maybe! Maybe Not.

This observation doesn’t in anyway fuel skepticism or trigger COVID stigmatization, It only encourages double care if not a triple caution for those that may be bombarded by the potential surge in movement of persons and transit

It equally applies to those ready to be on or those already on the move!

Anybody can gerritt! You Can gerritt! I can gerittt!


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