Eyeopener Cancer Forum by voi4iov foundation, quite a success

On the Chilly morning of October 30th (Friday), several members of the Voi community met at the Red Elephant Complex for the first annual Breast Cancer Awareness Forum in Taita-Taveta County. The forum was hosted by voi2day.com in partnership with the River Jordan Medical Centre, VSO, Sote Hub, BE- Energy, Royal Occasions, GTS, Dibarts Enterprises and Tsavo Air Limited.

The event, championed by voi4iov foundation, the CSR arm of voi2day.com, aimed at sensitizing people, offering free breast cancer screening, alongside other complementary services courtesy of the River Jordan Medical Facility

A participant Shooting a question

More regional co-operates, groups and institutions such as Sanaa Moja, Taita-Taveta Youths Association, Taita-Taveta University, Coast Institute of Technology, were equally well represented at the session slated for the morning hours.

Additionally, it was graced by KCB bank-voi branch and the NHIF, whose representatives Mr. Festus and Mr. Peter Mbugua respectively enlightened the attendees on the significance of having medical insurance covers for not only dire cases such as cancer but also for all kinds of ailments.

Mr Festus introduced the audience to the bank’s recent product, The LAST EXPENSE cover, ideally modelled to financially cushion families during unfortunate times of loss of loved ones.

NHIF’s Mr. Peter making a point.

The key highlight of the day was the “A Talk with Doc”, which was hosted by voi2day.com’s senior columnist and Director of Voi4ioV Foundation, Lilian Mumbua. This was a conversational structure segment featuring the key guest, CEO and Founder of the River Jordan Medical Centre, Dr. Eunice Wahome.

The prolific duo discussed at length and in-depth on matters concerning the focus ailment, breast cancer; from infection, prevention measures, healthy living, post-treatment care, stigma issues to social acceptance of cancer patients and survivors.

Daktari reminded the audience that cancer was a systemic disease and thus they needed to always watch out, reassuring all that early detection guarantees higher survival chances

“As long as any type of cancer is detected at an early stage, It can be cured” She emphasized

River Jordan Medical Center CEO, Dr. Eunice Wahome, the Chief Guest addressing forum queries

As long as any type of cancer is detected at an early stage, It can be cured

dr. eunice wahome- river jordan medical center

Dr. Eunice further observed the need for periodical health check-ups at a personal, couple, or family levels urging the audience to veer off the stereotype that such precautionary measures are expensive or unnecessary.

After the ‘A talk with Doc‘ segment, in a carefully moderated plenary and the Q&A session by mr.job, the editor-in-chief of voi2day.com, the substantially youth-centric audience was allowed to fire away queries concerning every discussed topic; cancer as a whole, medical costs and Insurance covers, general societal concerns plus much more

Program Moderator and voiday.com chief editor mr.job

There were numerous ‘take-aways’ bagged and the joy of new health and life lessons couldn’t be hidden as expressed by the attendees.

Laura Ambetsa, thanked the organizers and hailed the platform for considerably resolving her burning queries. For some like Sanaa Moja’s William Macharia, the knowledge gained would help him open and steer such discussions in multiple avenues within and beyond the surrounding community.

A couple of testimonials, occasionally threw off the audience into some somber moments, albeit not for too long. However, there were crystal revelations that indeed, Cancer is a monster and awareness of its presence is just but a key step in case a combat ensues.

Sanaa Moja’s William Macharia Sharing a feedback

Much apprecation, goes to regional corporates,that collectivelly made this possible through active participation, invaluable support and contributions.

The River Jordan Medical Center, spearheaded the medical aspects, Royal Occasions Tailored the stellar Decor to details, VSO warmly steered the mobilization and housekeeping, Gracious Tents graciously took care of the Sound system, Sotehub offered technical assistance and Internet solutions, Dibarts offered sleek banner printing services, Tamrah restaurant snacked up the audience and the venue was courteously availed by Tsavo Air Limited.

Immense Gratitude to Tron the DJ for the music and entertainment as well as Magic world photography for the magic shots. See you all in the next voi4iov Affair.

A group photo of attendees
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