Grandma Killed by Hyena in Taita Taveta

Earlier today, sad news about the death of Kajire Grandma hit the timelines. This was affirmed by the area ward administrator. Mr Stanley Makeo.

“A marauding hyena attacked and killed our grandma in the kitchen while she was preparing her meal last evening. It’s a sad and shocking experience to the family, relatives, community and the people of Taita Taveta.

The hyena also attacked and injured our relative who responded swiftly to save our grandmother. He wrestled the beast for approximately 20 minutes before neighbours joined in. Quick recovery uncle!”  The ward administrator noted highlighting this as a sign of Human-Wildlife conflict being on the rise.

Taita Taveta residents have for a long period of time, decried escalating cases of human-wildlife conflicts that have endangered their lives. The region is surrounded by two major national parks, Tsavo East and Tsavo West, which cover about 62% of Taita Taveta county.

Mwatate and Voi constituencies which neighbour Tsavo West and Tsavo East National parks respectively have been the most affected. a while back, a lion attacked and killed an 11-year-old girl at her home in Dhovuni village, Voi constituency.  Most of the victims are often attacked in their compounds, on their way to or from work and school or just while going about their normal duties.

Renson Mnyamwezi , on a Standard Digital piece, once noted “Out of the total area of 17,128 sq km covered by the County, the Tsavo East and West national Parks occupy 10,680 sq km or 62 per cent, turning it into a theatre of conflict between man and beast”

The big question is, Is there a possible solution or end in sight?

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