Homosexuality: why do you judge?

Over the past weeks we have seen celebrities across the world come out to stand with Empire superstar Jussie Smollet after he was attacked for being black and gay. Everyone is speaking against the injustice that the LGBT family gets for deciding to be themselves and not hide it from the world. It is more insane that a sane person will go attacking fellow human beings for their lifestyle of choice.

So, here goes my question, how is it your business if these people are homosexual, bi-sexual, transgender or not? How does their life affect you? How do their actions affect you? How do their choices interfere with your day to day life? Do they force you into being their partners? I believe the answer to all the above questions is a NO WAY. So, what is your problem? Why are you bothered by what they do? Why can’t you leave them in peace?

As an African, Kenyan and catholic, most people do not expect me to say this, in fact they expect me to speak up against the LGBT culture but I don’t see the need. Matthew 7:1 says it all, judgement is for the Almighty. As human beings we all make one mistake or the other, so why do you judge. Who said living by your own choices is a sin? How do you know what is wrong and what is not? The fact that something is not familiar does not mean it is wrong, it only means that you have not experienced it. I don’t see why we should judge people for their choices and preferences.

Take a good example of coffee and tea. Some of us are coffee guys while others are tea people. Why should you be crucified for loving coffee instead of tea? It does not make sense, and the entire culture of hating on this minority group in our society needs to stop. We need to be mature and stop being homophobic.

Homophobia is the dislike of homosexuals and homosexuality in general. It is the contempt or the antipathy based on some type of irrational fear of being associated with people who have made this lifestyle their choice of life.

 I have to confess that I have homosexual friends in my life, and they have been there for quite a while. They have never lied to me about their choices of partners or their preferences and I tend to find that them being who they are and accepting them as they are has given me some solid relationships. They are quite special in their own way and I wouldn’t change any of them because your choices and how you stand up for them speak a lot about you. At the end of the day they don’t judge me for being straight and I don’t judge them for being gay or bi. They are there for me when I need them and I am there for them when they need me. It is that simple.

I absolutely hate the fact that the LGBT family is forced to act in public. Imagine being forced to marry someone else just to hide who you really are? Imagine having a double life because society will judge you for your true choices, and imagine living under a dome of societal judgments. I find this extremely sad and unacceptable. 

Today I stand with the LGBT family and I speak against the prejudice, hate, violence and injustice they face for choosing not to hide their true selves. I stand with the strong men and women who despite what society throws at them still wake up and decide to show the world that they too have feelings. I speak again the injustice our fellow brothers and sisters face for being different. What is the difference between you and your ancestors if you cannot reform? 

Times are changing and we cannot afford this form of backward thinking. As time flies by we need to change with it and so does our thinking. As we have embraced every trend in fashion, music, etc., why can’t we embrace people’s choices without malice, judgments, and unnecessary hate clouding our judgement?

I stand with the LGBT,  I speak up against the injustice they face.

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