VSO and RedCross hold a successful International Volunteers’ Day

The best is always achieved when people come together and volunteer. When two or three individuals come together to reach out to their community, then you are sure that it is from the heart. The VSO team having organized this entire event, wanted to celebrate the different organizations and individuals who take their time to go out and help others through volunteering. In Taita Taveta County, the International Volunteers Day event was held at Mwatate CDF Hall . The volunteers’ day was attended by few officials who came to represent the county. The Red Cross team, rotary team, St. Johns Ambulance team and many more showed up to join the Voluntary Service Overseas team(VSO) in celebrating this worldwide event.

International Volunteers’ Day at Mwatate CDF Hall.

The theme of the event was touching on the topic VOLUNTEERS BUILDING RESILIENT COMMUNITIES. Everyone addressing the audience remembered to ask people to make an effort and get themselves involved with any of the volunteering organizations. This is because, through volunteering, you create more chances for yourself to get employment since many organizations prioritize people that have volunteering background to those that never have. Joyce Peshu, the Project Coordinator of the VSO Kenya, Taita Taveta County, also managed to speak to the youth and the few community members that attended by also urging them to join these organizations that offer support to others. She urged everyone to be ready to bounce back whenever they are faced with any difficulties in life. She insisted on building capacity by both the young and old to enable resilience.

The theme of International Volunteers’ Day

Sabina Gertrude, one of the speakers, gave the story of her life on how joining volunteering programs and organizations helped her get to where she is right now. She talked about joining Kwacha Africa, a volunteering organization in Mombasa that connects all the youths to do volunteering activities in the communities around. She also joined Pride for Change, a youth group that was in Taita Taveta County for the same purpose. “One of the biggest challenges is getting the youth to volunteer in these organizations and also having people that are not willing to support anyone that wants to volunteer.” She said.  Janet Warige spoke about the challenges that affect people with disabilities, and she said that lack of both funds and facilities to help these people is what is lacking. She urged the youth to take it upon themselves to help people with disabilities. Equally, she gave a thumbs up to the VSO team for helping in support of the people living with disabilities.

Guests at the IVD event.

Other than the topic that graced the day, empowerment of the youth was also something that most speakers decided to dwell on. Doreen Ngeti, a representative of the office of the women representative, talked about the national government development fund that is purposely for development and supporting of projects done by the youth. Festus, a representative from KCB bank, said that KCB bank offers support to youths. He urged the youths even to visit any KCB bank that is close to them and inquire about any program that is meant for the youth. Harry Mwailengo, the manager at Sote hub Voi, also talked about youth empowerment and recognized the few youths that had done something great for themselves; the likes of Cholo arts and voi2day.com that were initiated at Sote hub. He said that the biggest problem is that there are few youths in business and hoped that more youths would pull up their sleeves and join the move and become entrepreneurs. Mary, a representative from the office of the Ministry of Trade, touched on community sensitization and also the fact that the youths have to come together so that they can be able to educate them on matters arising like ways to reduce the widespread of HIV & Aids.

A lot more was shared during this event even matters to do with politics was touched on in spite of it not being the topic of the day but what I can say is that an event is not an event in any county if something to do with politics is not talked about. It is the Kenya that we live in. Additionally, the youths urged the county representative officials to take word above that it is the support of the county that they need. All in all the event was a success and thanks to the VSO team and the Red Cross team Voi for facilitating the International Volunteers Day for the residents of Taita Taveta County. The world needs more volunteers. Let’s join hands together and volunteer.

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