Khaligraph Jones: so high yet so under-achieving…

The Kenyan music scene hasn’t had a king, at least one at a time, since the demise of E-sir, the greatest ever! Now fifteen years later, with the plethora of artists recording right left and center, we seem to be edging closer to having. We have a shortlist of some that are higher above the pack… three; Nyashinski, Octopizzo and Khaligraph.


Locally, their music is ubiquitous at best. Their names are echoed by fans cutting through all generations and to every corner of the country. Octopizzo grew in the ghettos of Kibera, came out, made it and now plies his trade across European nations. That’s a hustler by rights and example! Nyashinski on the hand, has been re-inventing himself, decade after severing ties from the trio act Klepto, and is now raising tides in radio waves throughout every station. Then there is Khali…


Arguably the best spitting rapper and lyricist in Kenya, Khali has been making hits and eating his competitors alive since his official shift to mainstream music about seven years ago. He has managed to maintain his status and relevance so much that pitting him against any local rapper is just an awful mismatch. Pretty much like sending a pack of mongrels after the Fenrir! They may all be apparently of canis familia, but…

My point is? One may ask. Well, go big! Go Bigger! Just don’t stay home! Khali has been a top dog in the yard that he is beginning to get too comfortable. Like a fanfaron, a very smart one, who scores straight A’s in his final high school exams but instead of joining campus to elevate his intellectual, he rejoins high school for a third time just to stay on top.

King of rap, Papa Jones.

Example he should consider, when GidiGidi-MajiMaji came into the scene, they took Kenya by storm, rose and became a house hold name. Immediately, they went after the greater African market. But by the time they were laying down their swords, other artists at that time were too busy engaging in irrelevant beefs and trying to kill off other counterparts. Seeing who was better between Kapuka, Genge and Afro-hip-hop… soo sad.

For Khali, his time has never been more prime. His unmatched tachyonic lyrics and refined style puts him on the save echelon as Ghana’s Sarkodie! My opinion though. And that where he should be even financially and fame-wise. At this point he should be doing collaboes with the likes of Kasper Nyovest, Wale, AKA and other easy-to-get-to rappers (if Diamond can land a collabo with Rossay, surely…) and not the likes of Msupa-S -no offence!

Seeing him destroying other local artists is just sad! His prerogative though.

Not that my opinion on this living jotun is maleficent in any way how so ever, but if Khali doesn’t shift his eye to the greater global audience, his current efforts and relevance may soon whither on the vine… sadly. The shark has outgrown the aquarium, time to conquer the seven seas!

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