Let’s Pray for rain to extinguish the flame; KWS response on Tsavo Fire. Quite Absurd & Hilarious.

Earlier today following a twitter update by NTV’s regional correspondent Bill Otieno, regarding the fire outbreak in Tsavo East national park yesterday, KWS through their verified Twitter profile finally responded with a tweet urging Kenyans to pray for heavy rain to extinguish the fire.

This reply (that could have been innocently tweeted)did not augur well with most citizens especially on the platform, with many expressing rage since this sentiment seemed quite uninformed, unprofessional, basic and absurd.

It has since elicited questions around preparedness and response efficiencies around such incidences despite the millions collected annually in the form of revenues.

Ideally, this was a time to show the validity of Wanjiku’s penny…or rather in this case, Wakesho and Wawuda’s penny to the taxman.

Some user pointed out that potentially, this incidence could push the animals , down south, to Tanzania and probably cause a habitual change, consequently leading to an empty theatre of wildlife, that may affect regional tourism negatively in the end


What sends residents to further frenzy is the potential rise in human-wildlife conflict in the coming days.

These were some of the responses following Bill Otieno’s Tweet.

A close-range shot of a section of the raging fire. PHOTO/Bill Otieno


The cause hasn’t been verified just yet, with some suppositions pointing to just an occasional bushfire.

By mid-morning however, another user replied stating the fire had been contained, approximatly over 12 hours since eruption.



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