Millions Spent, Lost, Gained

Am on table 22 at Vacani Resort.

Across lies the enticing clear blue pool, A good number of people are in for their swimming combo offer. A couple of kids and splashes just a stone-throw way. From the show of their wide smiles and their whites, You can tell they must be really enjoying taking the dip, beneath the blue, under voi’s hot and glazing, orange.

And Well, the pool is just adjacent to the Glory gardens. Literally, the lush green and serene garden is glorious.Am thinking of shifting to the garden and writing from there, but am just not so certain about power socket, so am gonna keep writing from this table.

Vacani Resort

The resident DJ apparently seems not to be in sight. A Bruno mars playlist has been up since I got into the resort a couple of minutes ago.  I think am gonna marry you was the song coming to an end as soon as I settled. (Hello baby)

When I was your man just played as I carried on with the opening paragraphs (GoodBye Exes).

Talking to the moon is ongoing…as I get to the paragraph you are currently reading. However, out here there is no moon, my guy it’s actually 30 minutes past noon. The DJ is back, The playlist just took a turn. So let’s forget about Bruno Mars and get to business.

A little distraction…

 A regional entrepreneur just passed by my table. I have always known him just as MAO, talk of arguably, voi’s most popular cyber Café’. In his arms is a kid, I presume it’s his son. And you know what they say..?  Behind every successful man there is a woman. Yes I would like to assume too, tagging along was his woman. You know the family weekend thingy…Right? The MAO’S are a couple of tables towards my right. A bottle of Cold Pilsner  as they Survey the VACANI menu.

Couple goals manenooozzz!

Well, as I write, behind me there is no woman … It’s just my charger and socket. … Perhaps am not successful, just yet.

Don’t over think though! Save your brain cells for the next 10 paragraphs.

The VBN launch.

So it’s been 15 days since my team and I at the TSAVO MEDIA GROUP launched voi’s premier business magazine. We call it VOI BUSINESS NETWORK magazine [the VBN]. Ensure you get a copy in stores or download the digital version here. Trust you me, it is a very interesting read, an incisive look at the business aspect of VOI TOWN, currently set a buzz with various activities. Activities that vividly contribute towards the literal expansion, economic growth and development of the brown and hot city.

Need I say more? JUST GET THE COPY.

Be Different- Read the VBN

Well from a team leader perspective, I would like to give my sincerest Shout out to the team that was integral, during inception, through the build-up process, the launch and the post launch activities to date. It has been an invaluable contribution of team effort. LITERALLY INVALUABLE, from the TSAVO MEDIA GROUP -A TEAM and directors, my COO Millicent, CFO Lilian, CCO Eriq, CCD Toni, as well as the loyal and another invaluable set of key support group and colleagues, with various unique talents , sheer bravery , commitment, dedication and most importantly the belief in THE DREAM.

A dream you can only understand if, as a reader, you will be a loyal fan and if you also truly belong!

Big Up to the CTO & E-Tech’s genie Brighton, Cyclone’s Ivan Nyamari, Mitch-Empire’s Super Mcee, Marox, alongside the beautiful lasses Caroline & Halima! Not Forgetting a new, buddy friend and now partner, Mr. Shako. – a crop of Equally ambitious people and trailblazers in their own rights.

A team briefing at vacani resort prior to the launch event

We had spent lots of cash, sacrificed irrecoverable time, nights on end, putting in the work, making the invites, the D-day organization, had countless coffee…and (warm milk) hours just to see it  through!

And yes it was!


Kudos to the corporate and innumerable friends’ turn-ups.


A section of the Corporates Guests in Attendance.

READ MORE on the subsequent links And get more details on the following aspects that might be of interest to you.

How did the event actually go down?

Who was involved?

I hope you opened the above links on separated tabs, or just promise me you will, once you get done with the editor’s piece. Take it as a first test of loyalty.

That’s all about the launch!

Little did we know, it was just the start of another hectic and fun experience?

The activation.

H.E. The deputy Governor Majala Mlagui being taken through VBN by Tsavo Media Group’s CFO.

This was about hitting the road, getting the critics and the love too. It’s been a mixed set of experiences. Most importantly learning experiences. And as team we still do welcome more positive criticisms, positive expressions of intents, recommendations, questions and support too.  Write to info@voi2day.com or editor@voi2day.com.

A genuine acknowledgement to every form of appreciations that came through as a result. The new contacts, the new prospects the new opportunities and much more.

Pia twasema AHSANTE

For Everyone!


So there is this lady in silver and blue and bit of red detail on her attire…she came over while I was on paragraph 3, I have been staring at her and she has been staring back as though she’s been waiting for me to pounce. Niko 50…50. Not so sure whether to strike right now or wait until the last word of this piece. By the way I can see Goosebumps on her neck with a few trickles down her waist. Maybe it’s a crush on me

I don’t know whether it’s something about my face, the nice cut on my hair, the checked brown scarf contrasting my cotton white , long sleeved V-neck, or my nice fitting pants that don’t want to touch my sheer white loafers.

I just don’t know. Surprisingly the feeling is mutual. And am gonna strike!

It was my first time!

The goose-bum-ped fella

A sip of cold red bull in a Sunday afternoon at Vacani Resort has never felt this great.

So the Vacani DJ is back. Ali kiba’s new hit Kadogo is playing, as I sip and write. And boom, stima imepotea akiimba chorus.

All I hear is kid’s voices amid the splash in the swimming pools, a few more people have checked in, not just people though. Well there is a TTU staff, just in the next table with her daughter …it’s a father daughter thingy….mnhh… Father-Daughter Goals manenooozzz

We get to have a little chat. He recalls the days I used to fumble with the idea of campus magazine back in College. And well he is impressed that it all culminated into something good-…like the VBN. I hand over a copy, take a few shots… a happy customer I hope.

Then there is Rtd. Col. Owner of KILULU UNIFORMS, another advertiser in the maiden issue of VBN. He is out with his grand kids, he says. Interesting! Granny- grandkids manenooozzz

Nyota ndogo and family walked in too, and took a spot at the garden.  Ok. I See! Well am notified she is to scout for a video shoot venue.

Taking sips of the VBN

Adjacent to the pool…Guess who, it’s the MP Wundanyi, Hon. Dan Mwashako…I suppose it’s his wife. You know the family weekend thingy again…huh? I guess, he could have taken a break from the parliamentary duties following the festive season.  Apparently Yesternight we met at the 2nd annual awards ceremony of Taita Taveta Professional Women’s Association.

Read the Story HERE.

So basically, Vacani seems a nice family weekend gate-away, from the look of things. I don’t need to say much.


All in all, the fundamental goal for the projects under TSAVO MEDIA GROUP, talk of the news blog voi2day.com  that has been in existence since 2015, or the VBN magazine launched on 1st DEC this year 2018, , or the online business director VBN ONLINE or the VOI HOTELS DIRECTORY, the online radio VOI PODCAST or the CSR wing under the Voi4ioV project … (ALL TAKING SHAPE BY THE DAY)… and much more in line… is to see us write the story of this beautiful dusty town as the days go by.

As literal as it may sound, I can ascertain, It has been and it will be a very expensive affair regardless, the cash and time investment, the human resource and skill investments, the wits and will we put on the table as a team and players, the sacrifices, relationships affected, family times forgone, losses made in the process, the new opportunities, new relationships built, new doors opened, the dreams rejuvenated, the client and fan base we aspire to build and so much more!….it’s been in millions.

But we don’t mind.


The A-team


So it started drizzling.

Vacani Boss, said hello as she passed by.

Wundanyi Member of Parliament, Hon. Mwashako and family passed by my table too towards the restaurant area. I had to stop him, a bit of intro, and niceties exchanges.  I of course gave him the VBN magazine.

He asked me to text him my details so that we can link up perhaps in January.



It read.



PS. There is some pum pum Indian boy (by looks and by descent too ….i suppose.) with his colleagues seated by one of the swimming pool shades. They are taking a break from the pool and munching on the Vacani Fries and sausages alongside cold coke. It’s just coke.

When the waiter comes by my table I’ll just say… niekee kama ile!  (That kenyan vibe)

I just hope it is pepper-free!

(Actually, That is the swimming Combo in Paragraph! In case you lost it in the 1490 words above.)

I hope to meet you in the next read.

Season Greetings!



The Founder and Editor In Chief of voi2day.com and its affiliate brands. He currently serves as the CEO of Tsavo Media Group, the umbrella agency. A natural creative, a writer, an avid reader, a tech, passionate marketer, and a brand design enthusiast.

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