Mwakingali, is it Voi’s ultimate suburb?

Whereas Nairobi boasts of the Westie(s), Kileleshwa(s), Runda(s) and Lavington(s) or talk of Mombasa’s Nyali(s), Bamburi(s), and Kiembeni(s), Voi’s, replica of the above is perhaps still non-existent, maybe still far off or fair enough still debatable.

Regardless, The town still has a couple of estates to pride itself in. Mwakingali, specifically Mwakingali A, would definitely be a contestant for a spot as the town’s ultimate suburb.

It has been alluded that for a long time, Sikujua estate held this spot back in the days given the sense of urban planning, sewer systems set courtesy of the municipality years back as referenced herein.

In the recent years, Kaloleni, Kasarani, Kariakor Juu and lately certain spots in Ikanga have proven to be lucrative spots for realtors, landlords, tenants and home owners alike. However, Mwakingali seems to still have an edge over the aforementioned estates.

Currently, the estate boasts of the tallest residential building, Hills Wiew Apartments which also probably attracts the highest monthly rent with some units attracting upwards of over Kes 40,000.

The estate is also dotted with more residential buildings that have options of 2 bedrooms and above which is comparatively unlikely, as in the case of other estates that are packed with single rooms, bedsitters and utmost 1 bedrooms.

Besides its proximity to the CBD, a key factor that also elevates the estate is the set of key amenities and establishments of interest within and around. Key notable ones being the Moi County Referral Hospital, The River Jordan, a leading private medical center, the CDF Funded Dan Mwazo Social Hall and Voi Library, Kenya Prisons voi branch, Voi Law courts, the distant Augustine George and Impala Resort that are tacked within an array of residential areas.

All of which continue improving the outlook and most likely enhancing the affinity and preference of the monied, some of whom are home owners or tenants in a couple of gated set ups.

Save for the bordering less developed sister estate, Mwakingali A is most likely ahead of the pack in the race for voi town’s ultimate suburb, or isn’t it?

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