MY-ME Barber Shop; A fresh cut in the local beauty scene

It’s no secret Voi is a town with less options, especially if looking for something a little over the edge.

We don’t have much to count just yet, however, if you probe a little more, you might just bump into or discover a couple of gems.

In the local beauty industry, we’ve had the regular traditional players, we have the upcoming players, and well, we now have a couple that mean real business.

One of those I discovered lately, and that you too should, is the MY-ME Barbershop, literally afresh cut in the local beauty scene.

The barber shop is a  tennet of the MY-ME Lounge conveniently Located alongside the Kenya Power Road, Voi CBD and accessible via the Joe-Timber and New Generation routes.

Right from the outlook, entry points, Lobby areas, décor, lighting and the stewards, you definitely notice there is something different.

And well the difference is equally reflected in the pricing, but just slightly.

I Stepped in one easy evening for a New Year-worthy cut. And I just got that plus a little more.

The organization at the lobby and reception area whispered of elegance that you were naturally already absorbed into.

The ambient mini-hallway is a masterpiece, as spectacular as the rest of the service stations … as I would later discover.

With Key divisions, as Ladies and Gentlemen wings, I was courteously led to the gent’s arena. A calm, spacious and collected arena, with a set of bespoke seats that spoke royalty iced with the reassuring interior finish in the schemes of lime and gold.

My barber for the day, got my brief right and executed just as expressed; A scissor-Trimmed medium length with a signature fade that culminates with a meticulous classic cut.

This was done in minutes. Time was indeed of the essence. He understood that too.

The chuffs and pieces of my follicles fell from the blade onto the equally royal cloth at the same pace as the beats of the old school reggae in the background as i enjoyed the comfort of the executive and befitting seats.

Moments later I would be led into the post-cut, clean up and Massage room for an experience I would rather not highlight, but encourage you to pursue.

Both sessions were near-Excellent.

I learned about the VIP rooms, had a sneak preview and it is sufficient to say, better plans are being laid by the proprietors to set My-Me apart from the rest of the park.

The team definitely deserves a thumbs up on the workmanship, pace, pricing, service, hygiene and overall vision and they effortlessly get 2 from the Editor in Chief.

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