PrEP, The HIV preventive drug

Most of us have no idea what PrEP is, have never heard of it because no one talks about it. So, what is PrEP? PrEP is a biomedical development that plays an important role in the search of eliminating and ending the nightmare, HIV. In case you had no idea now you know what role it is meant to play in one’s life. It stands for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis and it is meant to be taken by people not suffering from HIV as a protection from being infected.

It is different from PEP which you take once you are exposed to HIV. When it comes to PrEP you have to take it before having sexual intercourse with a HIV positive person. It has to be taken regularly depending on how exposed you are to the virus. Take for instance a person dating someone suffering from HIV, the frequent exposure warrants them to take this medicine every single day just like the anti-retroviral drugs.

For one to qualify to take this drug you must have tested negative for HIV. Wondering whether you should take PrEP yet you and your partner are not infected? Taking the meds is a personal choice and therefore it is not a must. It is however recommended for persons whose partners have tested positive for the virus yet still want to have a future together. It is also advised that if the viral load of your partner is yet to be detected it is safer to take the meds and ensure you are not accidentally infected. The same applies for individuals who are not aware of their partner’s status.

Additionally, when taking this drug you do not necessarily have to use a condom since its main purpose is to protect you against getting being infected. However, PrEP does not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis, chlamydia, etc., neither does it prevent pregnancy. So the use of a condom should be ideal for anyone looking not to catch other diseases.

PrEP is taken depending on how active your sex life is. It can be taken every day just like a morning pill for individuals with an active sex life, and it can be taken on demand for people with an inactive sex life. For persons taking PrEP on demand they are required to be quite keen when it comes to timing on when to have the medication. This drug needs to be induced in the body at least 2 hours before the sexual encounter. One is required to take 2 pills at once 2-24 hours before they get intimate, then one extra pill 24hours after the first dose and then lastly an extra pill 24hours after the second dose. Quite hectic right? But wouldn’t you do anything for your safety.

Wondering where to get this medication, visit any health care system close to you and learn more about it. Being safe is better than being sorry. Take PrEP today and protect yourself against HIV.


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