Press Play: No Dilemma by El-Prolifique

006 rising star, El-Prolifique releases his latest work ‘No Dilemma’ not so long ago and it continues to gain substantive viewership gradually.

This follows the release of ‘Mysterious’ a couple of months ago.

The former participant at the #OdinareChallenge edition 1, steered odi bets and endorsed by Khalighraph Jones, was interestingly one among the daily winners of the challenge last year.

In his latest works, noticeably, the crooner is opting to be versatile, switching lanes from the traditional bar after bar hip-hop style and instead adopting a feel good, Swahili-RnB vibe with undertones of dancehall.

A scene from the ‘No Dilemma’ Video. Source: YouTube

‘No dilemma’, is an easy listen with melodic audio and beat produced by Heavy Gee and Ckay Beats respectively.

It also capitalized on a vibrant video production directed by Darker Berry Films in a creative set by Cholo Arts with Costumes availed by the Manywele Collections.

Fair to note, the sassy Models on set were equally outstanding in this piece of craft that is an elevation of regional standards.

The only probable downside for some viewers would be the subtle dramatization that could have otherwise been clearer or perhaps different



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