Progress and Pressure!

I just bought a song on mookh. It’s called- PESA – by Webi, from his album titled Lukundo (LOVE). It’s what am going to listen to as a put my thoughts on the keypad tonight.  Apparently, Webi is a gentleman of Taita descent with really great vocals. He’s got great compositions and interesting beats too. I wonder how many recognize him regionally. Do you?


About progress and pressure …

These two elements are becoming quite vivid by the day, more than ever before. First of all I thought I would do an editorial piece on a daily basis. It didn’t work. I figured out perhaps I could do three a week. I didn’t manage.

I find myself penning this 2nd editorial piece 13 days later, since I did the last editor’s piece.

This is not because I became lazy. But because of the innumerable obligations that keep growing day by day in line with what I do as well as off work. Both of which I have to meet regardless. The irony of entrepreneurship is the beauty of flexible yet ever tight schedules.


As long as you can think big. You can have a full time and paying job for the rest of your life. Whether employed or not!

I believe!



The power to read & to love!

Just a quick one…

mr.job graduated, finally!

That’s it.


Yes, I said. Just a quick one.

Or if you would like to know more… I graduated with bae.

Conferred the powers to read… and the powers to love.

Congratulations. TTU class of 2018.



Prior to the Graduation week, a lot transpired. I was up and about with the rest of the voi2day team handling various follow ups on prospect advertisers with the VOI BUSINESS NETWORK magazine among other random and scheduled meetings on the sidelines.

I got the privilege to share in depth with the County Executive Committee Member, Hon. Bigvai Mwailemi on a chat regarding youth and Youth Affairs and the avenues of scaling vijanaa006.com, a youth portal intended to aggregate virtually all info on matters youth in county 006. Expect Great stuff!

This was followed by a meeting with an Evangelist cum, entrepreneur, Mr. Mwakio a hardware owner and gentleman behind a recent establishment, Taita Luxury Hotel in Wundanyi. It was a general convo on business and more especially on hospitality industry, the potential of tourism regionally and so forth. The captivating element in that convo however was the fact that he resigned about 20 years ago to venture out as an entrepreneur, starting off with what today would arguably be the town’s biggest hardware store and evolving into different investments today. His advice was simply… don’t compromise on Quality base on every customer feedback… and his emphasis on having employment just as an enabler and means to more.


I caught up with fellow peers later on, for a brief talk on real estate & property, co-working & Collaborating. We shared ideas interchangeably and in all of it they embodied how rife the town had been. In them I saw the part of the next executives redrafting the business narrative of voi and her environs.

It’s been Hectic! But we have to carry on.


There have been various negative and positive results that came with such an excruciating exercise, experienced by virtually everyone in the team. Promises that never materialized, various forms skeptics and luck of belief in the project and so on. However there has equally been lots of interest, encouragement and trust among other positives from a sizable faction of the voi business community. And we hope to disappoint not! In the Count down 5 days is hardly left.


So Graduation Came & Went. So did the after party celebrations.

Unfortunately I missed the deal to document the event. (Pretty hurting reasons behind this). I was advised to do a pro-bono service, just to prove myself and my company’s ability to do the job.  This equally brought back a quick memory of an interjection during my meeting with County Youth minister earlier on. In his advice … as a youth you need to grow before you begin eating from the table of men.

Ideally, most young folks and ambitious lads and lasses out there, have had their dreams slowed or in worst case scenarios, put to a halt as a result of an unnecessary luck of confidence in their potential to deliver by virtue of simply being young. Whatever that means!

It should be a conversation of the 1600s


Commission and reward accordingly, the young and determined people to work and prove self while at it. Ideally it is one of the biggest motivation towards breakthrough, which they all dearly seek and need!


However to the young fellows out there, if the chance isn’t’ given, you have to keep knocking.

Still speaking of opportunities, in a good number of cases, amid follow ups and interactions with various business men and women regionally, as a media agency seeking to have the corporate world associate with our products and platforms, we actually got more than we sought. In various engagements, I got lots of insight, contrasting opinions, ideas, concerns, inspiring stories and hidden treasures that keep adding on to the need for us to steer a structured business conversation regionally.

Hence the VBN

As previously highlighted, this is essentially as subsidiary of voi2day.com that basically seeks to document the business activity going down in voi town today. As simple as that.

The old railway town is now abuzz with activity with lots of business players bursting into the scene to get a pie of the daily cash flow and exchange to the tunes of millions. A commercial hub, and interconnecting town, strategically positioned and has fast mutated into a cosmopolitan, voi and her people keep adding more reasons on to why it should be your ideal investment destinations in Kenya today.

This is what the inaugural edition of the VOI BUSINESS NETWORK [VBN] MAGAZINE is all about!

As TSAVO MEDIA GROUP, We have put in lots of work, time and cash investment in this project with the fundamental goal of connecting you to more…

Whether as a client looking for various options of service providers as simple as the cake houses in voi to best possible architectural firms or finance institutions…


Whether as a business hoping to connect, reach and be visible both regional clients as well as potential customers beyond borders…


VBN should be your best option. Both on PRINT or ONLINE.

Discover & Get Discovered.


Don’t get lost in the Buzz! I invite you Join and be part of this revolutionary project in voi’s business landscape! Join & Get connected to more…


It’s 1.56 am.

I need to catch some sleep!

It is 8.00 am, it is Sunday, I already woke up, bae missed my call, I had breakfast and am about to put up some pieces. Some niggas crashed on the couch and floor, still asleep and ‘crashed’ following a lengthy coffee meeting yester night at The Joy Hotel alongside colleagues within the voi2day Flag Bearers Team.


The Founder and Editor In Chief of voi2day.com and its affiliate brands. He currently serves as the CEO of Tsavo Media Group, the umbrella agency. A natural creative, a writer, an avid reader, a tech, passionate marketer, and a brand design enthusiast.

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