Racism; it runs deeper than our skin color

Racism is more than just skin deep, it has something more to do with our mindset, self-respect and how we treat ourselves. It is the value we put in ourselves, our lives, against the value we put on the lives of the whites. It is about the treatment we receive from the whites without argument because we are black. These white folk will insult us and we will take it in without as much as a protest because we think we deserve it.

 The main problem about racism is that it is a virus that is in the world and eradicating it has become a problem. It is more viscous than a cancer and spreads like wildfire in a forest, I hope this analogy works. Racism is based on the value the black person puts on their lives over the value that you put on a white persons life. I believe that we black people are special and we need not bow to anyone especially these white folk who like looking down on us.

It is quite repulsive that a black brother or sister will see a white guy standing and will be up so fast to offer the person their seat. What is more damning is that we give them the superior feeling most of the time because of their skin tone. Sometimes I wonder why we go out of our way to please these people.

A couple of months ago I was part of a group of people who visited a village somewhere in Kenya. The experience was quite eye opening as I watched how some members of the team interacted with the white folk we had with us. What was more surprising was the villages reaction to the whites. The team members acted like they were privileged to be a part of a team with mzungus and would look down on people who were not associating with them. At the same time all the kids in the village sat at the Wazungu’s feet looking at them in awe like they were gods.

What was even more surprising was that the wazungus were provided for seats while the Africans were left to fend for themselves on the mats placed on the ground. Weird enough, the Africans were the ones who brought aid to the village and the wazungus were more of joining the trip to learn but they got the preferential treatment. It suddenly turned out that they were being thanked for absolutely nothing when the real organizers were being neglected in the face of the wazungus. What does this tell you?

Even we don’t respect ourselves. Mzungu ni pesa, NO. Mzungu ni binadamu and their skin color is not a money maker. Rangi ya thao ni ya African light skin pekee si muthungu.

Yes, they are more advanced technologically and economically but is that reason enough to let them make us feel inferior to them? Why do we let them continue treating us as they do? By bowing down to them we give them power over us, we let them treat us like the monkeys they call us. Aren’t they human like we are? Why do we allow them treat us like crap and take it in?

Whites are no better than blacks, in fact we are much better, we are more blessed as we are unique. The ideology of the mzungu being superior should be a thing of the past. Have you ever noticed how a mzungu in law will be treated with so much respect compared to your African hubby? Aunties will all be like “Msichana ameleta muzungu” oh please, he is just a nigga who lacks melanin and nothing more. He and a black nigga are more or else the same except for the skin color and their traits.

The whole Racism idea is increased by the number of people who run to the white folk land ati in search for greener pastures. You live in their country and they treat you like trash for you to come back and tell us I live in Germany, UK, US or Canada. Stop it take your power back, shout NO to the mistreatment, NO to the feeling of inferiority, and say we are equal and will not allow myself to be looked down on by anyone.

We give these people too much power by our actions, by the way we do things, giving them leeway to dictate us and feel they are much better. The minute we do everything they tell us we seem stupid, we look like sheep and they are our shepherds. We need to learn how to stand up to the mzungu to tell them either respect us or get out. Mzungu ni mtu pia, come what may they still have blood running through their veins and bullets can kill them too. The whole idea of mzungu deserving a red-carpet is pure bull***t.

Unless we learn how to respect ourselves the mzungus won’t. Until we learn how to treat ourselves right then they won’t. Racism should stop first from us, by the black people learning to have self-respect and the trend can continue. Ignore the mzungu when you see them, don’t stare, don’t let them feel like you are in awe of them rather think they are just me but a tone lighter. They are human DIFFERNCE ni MELANIN.

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