Reflection on Wisdom: Tupac Shakur

Here are the words of the late great Tupac Amaru Shakur (1971-1996) on the state of his country

Right now our country is in shambles right now and

It’s not that we gotta be this way,

It’s just that that’s how they want us to be-they want us to be like this  

So that the poor people kill the poor people, 

The rich get paid off of selling the poor people dreams

Of being rich. 

-2Pac (Italicized words reworded due to obscene language)


Reflection by Yours Truly

You and I, my neighbor, your neighbor, and our relatives

We all dream of better days,

Days we will hop out of a comfortable car

Onto the pavement 

So our shoes can remain spotless every day

Forget about the muddy paths.

Dreams of a cruise that doesn’t hurt our backs


We- at least those that are still in the journey-

All dream of a public healthcare 

That will not let us down when the time comes,

So cancer and its relatives 

Don’t become a death sentence.

We dream of an education that is of relevance-

Carving out useful citizens out of our kids.


A system that works to sustain the nation

Instead of just oiling its working parts


A system full of sellers of dreams is all we got,

Selling us dreams of getting rich

It is why the gambling fever has taken over us.

Even the taxman is green in envy at how much betting companies make

The moral police are up in arms against gambling.

The next thing you will hear is absolute ban on gambling

Unless money speaks, as usual.


What these people forget

Is that gambling is a result of dream-selling 

Over the years people have bought into the narrative that,

If we make wise decisions on the ballot, or know certain people, or do something

That they are going to forget poverty there and then. 

This has been something like a merry-go round chama

Unlike the chama, your turn never comes.


Gambling is a just a form of people taking matters into their own hands,

Making their OWN dreams come true-

Or at least trying to…


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