Snakes in the grass: How real are your friends?

There are many sayings concerning friends and friendship; a friend in need……, friendship is like a boat…., true friends is like a…., fill a book! All these show how relevant they are in our lives. And indeed a man without a friend….

In relationships, none the less, close friends are always the go-to parties whenever a flight gets turbulent. However, a blow that lays an already crumbling relationship into a pile of nothing but mere memories oftentimes comes from a very unlikely source: a friend!

Many are the faces our ‘bff’s use to mask their true identity. And they come in array of shapes and sizes.

There are the real friends. The real, real friends. They are always there to offer you their support in every way and in any form. They help you to steer back to the path of happiness and will always hold your best interest at heart. They will kill flies, rats and dragons for you and will lock every detail of your unseen and unknown flaws in the abyss of their inner vaults. They will go to Saturn and bring back the rings so that you can engage that dream-mate and, from the bottom of their big hearts, seeing you glow is like the sole purpose of their role in your life. You just can’t do without them.

Then there are the fakers. These little pieces of sh*t. They are at all times envious, super envious! They would rather have that what you have or better and if not, neither should. And they would use any opportunity to see to it that it happens.  They are always bitter about your happiness and your joy is like a poisoned river that drains into their never-gonna-be-full ocean of being.

They smile with you. They know every single detail about you (obviously because you choose to always confide in them) and that makes their presence awfully toxic to your well-being.  They bury your deepest secrets in shallow graves and would embrace any chance of broadcasting them to any audience.

Then there are the ‘Meh’ friends. Can’t talk much about them because… meeeh! They are disinterested in your affairs and can’t seem to bother why your blood-shot eyes are streaming. They’d rather watch paint dry than listen to your soap operas. They are quite easy to tell from your list because you never have any form of emotional connection with them. They, likewise, don’t share theirs.

It’s always hard to tell these variety of people apart because millions of years of existence on this planet has purified us to being masters of deception and masquerading. Also, being the imperfect creatures we are, rightful judgment has never been within our repertoire.

Hence the best thing is, as once quoted by a wise man Mr. E. Ogosh, “trust the little guy within, and the Greater One above. Others will fall into their places themselves.” Narrow the list of people you share your secrets with to none, if not zero, at best.

Remember, even Jesus Christ was never betrayed by the Pharisees he was wary of, but one of his most trusted.

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