So Close. Yet So far

Time does fly

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]appy New year, Jowie and Maribe linked to murder, Ivy hacked, Dam scandals, Binyavanga exits, Liverpool lifts the Champion’s league, Neno happens, Wamlambez hits the airwaves.  Kambua, at last, Gets pregnant, AFCON kicks off. Burna Boy wins BET award, Trump’s second term bid is on, Kenya Loses. Kenya Wins. His Excellency is Teary, Sudi gets comic.  Sudan Happens, Morsi passes on, DP assassination ‘in the offing’. Kameme and Kibe exit NRG… blah blah blah… Jowie and Maribe back in the dock…(looking dapper), Safaricom hacked. Collymore kicks the bucket.


You are most definitely conversant with the above headlines, whether through the mainstream media or via the tabloids. As the editor of this news site with a regional focus, 4 years, up and running,  I still often find myself grappling what deserves or what should make the headlines locally. or penning a feature story or an opinion piece that resonates with the local audience.

The questions that hit me at times revolve around whether I have (perhaps) outgrown my resident town, are there fewer persons of interests and news-makers left (besides the political class), is our social and entertainment scene on its death bead, Are there no more exciting events, are we short of scandals as a society, is the number of young upcoming or vibrant achievers diminishing, are the legendary names fading into oblivion without a trace and no stories to treasure?

I just can’t quite tell.

Without a doubt, however, I have always wanted to write about this place. (RIP Binya)…and I purpose to keep writing … it’s just that at times you can suffocate in the ink or digitally speaking, trip on these keys.

If I may ask, will you mind (if) … I reviewed the new little, yet exciting coffee shop in town, took an in-depth look at the influx of college students opting to settle, build dreams and take up jobs, kick off careers in VOI town today, the incessant camel row in Sagala, how about featuring the Magic world Photography and cholo arts vampire photo shoot concept and how it went down, Talk of the sports minister’s daughter being crowned best vocalist regionally, And did you know about the new e-gaming zone at Vacani Resort.


Did you see Gov. Samboja donning a 3Quarter and loafers swag at the volleyball finals, OR Dokta Dambels Unique-Egyptian themed- wedding outfit, How about the Two Oceans Hotel Friday Evening Coffee session review, Did you hear about the lady electrocuted to death while hanging clothes in Mwakingali Estate?. Or what if I gave you a sneak preview into what’s been cooking in the L.OT. Den’? , Think of a list of promising entrepreneurs and regional leaders of tomorrow or maybe just the top 5 sexiest Taita ladies in town turning heads in this hot city? Can you drop a tip?

Certainly, there is much to tell about this other side of the world too.

Will you care to read through it all?

I hope so.


If you truly belong.

Do you?

Big Shout to colleagues and all the guest writers, since inception.

We welcome more too.


Beyond the headlines… It is indeed baffling how time really flies, there are rapid changes everywhere I look around. Changes that at times suck the energy out of you, changes that build inspiration to keep going. People become. People leave, Some exit the face of the earth forever. Too bad. Occasional rays of hope emerge as well.

They say change is a permanent state apparently and it seems the future is for the adaptive ones.

June just left, July is in sight-The other half of 2019. Just like that.

And life still goes on.

Rest in power, to all that left in the first half. To those lucky or blessed to get into the 2nd half of 2019, however bad or good the first half was, The superb display by Harambee stars against Taifa Stars is enough of a reference point regarding hoping for the best as you work towards better results before the final whistle. All the best to #teamKenya in the remaining Game(s)

Olunga in action at a the AFCON-2019


Well, It’s been long! Since the last editor’s piece.

So what’s up? Good people!

The pursuit of a break-through

This has become a point of interest lately. And naturally, it always seems to be at the core of every endeavor. From experience, at times, it looks like a breakthrough is just but a couple of feet away. Yet in between, there is an abyss. And you got to be calculative, resilient and meticulous with every step or jump, lest you crush out.

Talk of a cross-over to better days, perhaps in academic life, getting that 1st job, a transition or elevation in career, doubling your corporate turnover, ultimately getting that lover ready for a long term relationship, tripling your client base, getting that first mil, ushering that maiden baby to this world, surpassing the tax revenue goal as a county, getting that coveted deal or tender or maybe that first multi-bet win…and to some, securing a pie of those free Safaricom Data bundles.

It could be anything! It does sound like a relative concept. Right? By and large, it can also be defined diversely or at different levels, or by various classifications.

What’s been your breakthrough? How do you project it should be? And how’s your grind been towards it?

Has it ever felt So close yet so far?

Talk of launching that business then the market gets shaky, releasing that album then the promo upheavals kick in, Getting that degree then the job market reality follows up, getting that bouncing baby boy and the terminal disease slides in, putting up those apartments only for a new trend to kick in, getting that dream job only for mama to say goodbye, Securing that date only for her/him failing to be the one, hitting the county revenue goals then misappropriations pop up, Or simply just dandiaring those Safaricom bundles then the follow-up penalty knocks back.

It can all be heart-wrenching and devastating indeed!

Whatever the case, and as I reflect on Vishen Lakhiani’s Quote:

Epic things start with small humble steps. Pay respect to your beginnings. And if you’re just starting out, know that it’s ok to be sucky. To be small. To be messy and chaotic. Just make sure to never stop dreaming

It only makes sense to keep on going and keep on believing.

As a point of emphasis Vishen also says in his book, THE CODE OF THE EXTRAORDINARY MIND that.

The most extraordinary people in the world today don’t have a career. They have a mission. – Vishen Lakhiani

Take a moment to ponder.


Back to the Studio…

I am glad we got the 2nd issue of the VOI BUSINESS NETWORK [VBN] MAGAZINE. Download a copy of issue 1 and 2 HERE.  Or seek physically at Bafagih Supermarket, Poa Coffee Shop, Be-energy’s and Total’s mini-marts. The Jan-March edition is a review of the real estate scenario in voi, Taita Taveta County among other stories that ought to be of interest to you.

I encourage you to seek one and/or let’s have your thoughts in case you already got one.

And we are gearing up for the 3rd issue. July-September Edition which technically is a review of the Fiscal year 2018/19 in the case of Taita Taveta County. Of course, get ready to digest the progress and development highlights in various key sectors among other feature stories, opinion pieces and exciting articles in various segments.

Aspire to get informed and to get connected. I do invite the corporate world especially regionally to get on board and power this informational cause and while at it, celebrate your brand.

I Wish you all the best in the pursuit of your breakthrough and Strive to keep the momentum once you do.


Yours’ Chief

Let’s Roll!


The Founder and Editor In Chief of voi2day.com and its affiliate brands. He currently serves as the CEO of Tsavo Media Group, the umbrella agency. A natural creative, a writer, an avid reader, a tech, passionate marketer, and a brand design enthusiast.

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