On Saturday voi’s first Tech and Business hub launched a coding  club specifically for ladies  dubbed the Sote tech queens

The program spearheaded by Lucia muthoni- the hubs outreach assistant featured ladies from TAITA TAVETA UNIVERSITY COLLEGE , high school graduates and a  few still in high schools though were out for the half term breaks.
It was an  afternoon filled with intensive learning sessions as well as light and fun interactive moments.

Overall,  Sote Tech Queens emulates Akirachix  which is a non-profit organisation that aims to inspire and develop a successful force of women in technology who will change Africa’s future.

According to the club lead, the club is set to inculcate a coding culture among ladies. For a long time coding or tech generally has been deemed as a man-issue but this is a mindset that is already changing courtesy of the Sote HUB

All ladies out there , welcome to the hub located at the Red Elephant Building along Msa-Nairobi Highway.

Check out the pics of the session below.

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