The Gullibility of the Female Mind

The female mind is one of the most brilliant of God’s work I have to say, but it could also be one with the most surprising idiocy we can ever put up with. A woman can be powerful, strong, independent-minded, and successful if she puts her mind to it, but she could also be the most naïve, gullible, and idiotic person to walk on the face of the earth. Am a woman, so I do know that some of the choices we make as women are sheer and utter stupidity?

Women usually are more gullible than men, and that is why most men have a tendency of conning the woman out of her property, her land, and her rights. For generations, the soft-hearted nature of women has been taken advantage of by many people. Today, women are beginning to stand up and get the gist of what goes on in the world. There are a large number of women who are turning to be just as good at the con game as men have proven themselves to be, but much better.

It should not astonish you, however, that a large number of women are gullible and naïve to the eyes of society, and therefore, people continue to take advantage of whatever is going on. In some cases, the susceptible mind exists even in that woman who is successful and has earned everything by right yet she can still be ‘conned‘ by a tall, dark and handsome fellow, who comes with a radiant smile, a body that makes her yearn for that she does not know, and a talk that keeps her up at night. Well, we are human after all, and when some charms are turned on, we cannot resist.

Of women and churches

The religion field is one of the areas in which most women are found to be gullible, and this lets people take advantage of them. Tribulations and frustrations have seen women run to churches as a place of solace and to get the much spiritual help that they desire. In Africa, women will run from church to church, seeking a solution to the lack of a child two years after marriage, the reason why her marriage is failing, or why her children have suddenly taken up crime. Let’s use this example:

Her name is Sara; she got married two years ago in a stunning and lavish wedding in an up-scale venue in Karen. Her marriage made others green with envy; it was the Cinderella story all over again. Only it was a Taita lady and Kisii man this time. She looked lovely in that gown, her eyes shining with laughter and joy, and the parents blessed her from both ends. She was to have a large family, bring them grandchildren; she was to be prosperous and wealthy for the rest of her life.

One year later and there was no sign of pregnancy, her in-laws started questioning her ability to bear children, and her mother started asking if anything was the matter and the frustrations in the marriage began. She was unhappy, and she went to seek solace from the church.

After jumping from church to church for a while, she meets pastor John, and she is impressed. He tells her she was bewitched by one of her aunties, she believes him. He starts telling her about exorcising demons, and there begins the touching. It starts with the tap on the shoulder, then on the breast (coz apparently that needs saving too) as it goes down, and before Sara is aware, she is having s*x with John, the pastor.

This is just an example of how naïve and gullible women are in the church and other places. It may be about the money because women are the number one spenders in churches; they always see a cause that needs some funds. It will be that healing and deliverance crusade that will cost 10000 or that women’s conference costing 15000, or maybe it is the exorcising of family demons and curses that will cost 50k, who knows, women will always be willing to provide and dish out the cash.

They are weird enough to believe every form of lie a fake pastor or clergyman is ready to spew at them (Desperation can count as weirdness sometimes). These splurges occur every now and again, and they tend to affect more women than we can tell.

Women and K-feds

Women and K-feds, now this is the trend in Kenya today and we want to break it down for the ladies who don’t even know they are harbouring one in their homes. If you don’t know who a K-fed is, here is a short description: k-feds are these guys who can never seem to keep a job, they are great in all other house chores and will treat you like a queen. They will move from one successful woman to the next, ensuring she is stable enough to take up both their responsibilities.

He is excellent at doing things at home and in the bedroom, but he is terrible at getting a job and keeping it

He is excellent at doing things at home and in the bedroom, but he is terrible at getting a job and keeping it. You are that successful woman. You are either renting or you own a very fancy apartment that you paid for on your own. So you meet him, there is mind-blowing chemistry, and there is a great talk. Kidogo kidogo, he starts spending nights over, what you don’t know is that he doesn’t own his own crib he is crushing at a friend’s. Then one day you will wake up, and he is living with you, HE MOVED IN!

Then, this is where it suddenly hits you, he does not go to work, you will wake up early, he is asleep, you shower and make breakfast, he is sleeping, you leave for work, still asleep. When you get back in the evening, he will be lounging on your couch, asking, “Babe, mbona hujalipia supersport 3?” and you will turn with a ‘say what now’ look. Before you know it, he has been crushing at your place, never works, and it is now six months.

Ladies, we are gullible. We will not know when and how to throw him out, and he will continue to eat your sweat when maybe the ‘benefits’ are not that great.

In some cases, these dudes will even steal from you. Imagine you house him, feed and clothe him, you even buy him airtime, and then nigga comes and steals from you, for real. How do they even reason that out?

Anyway, these are two instances where the gullibility of the female mind is mostly known. The idea of being swindled over a few coins, your home, or items and sometimes giving them freely because you can’t recognize a fake is absolutely absurd. Hell, I didn’t say all women are naïve, but some of us really need to step up the game—naivety and gullibility break you woman.

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