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TTULife. Post-Covid Series. Chapt. 1 Settling in.

Reopening of school is one of the most hectic events I have had to experience in my campus lifetime. First of all, this is because, I travel from one farthest corner of the country (Isiolo County) and head to another extreme corner (Taita Taveta County) literally spending two days on the way!

This is extremely exhausting, trust me. So, by the time I reach Voi, I am dead-beat tired! Now couple this up with being a resident in school and you have to queue for hours so that you can book and get your room keys. Weeh!!…, your guess is as good as mine! You are totally wiped out at the end of the day and can barely keep your eyes open! I keep wondering why I never opted to stay off campo earlier.

Anyway, every cloud has got some silver lining, right? Therefore this isn’t exceptional. School reopening carries with it some great joy from the fact that one is meeting up with classmates and friends after the holidays and there is a lot that they have to catch up on.

And Also, there is the idea that one is progressing to the next stage, be it a new semester or year stirs up this crazy excitement (this is mostly intensely felt by second years coz they are no longer the “freshers” at campus and the fourth and fifth years who are now the “elders” and are clearing)

Ha! It is an awesome feeling I tell you!

So, this was the situation during this year’s reopening. Corona had forced us to stay at home for about nine months and guys couldn’t just wait to come back to school. Some even reported a week before the actual reopening date and I kept asking them “kwani mlifukuzwa nyumbani?” Because for some of us, we literally had to dialogue with our minds regarding the back-to-school agenda.

So, there I was conversing with my mind, “Hey buddy, it’s time, you’ve got to gear up for this year. Si you know we have three semesters to conquer? And they aren’t just any mere semesters buddy, it’s my final year!” 

My mind responds, “C’mon, it’s just 2nd of January, give me a break already! At least let’s get to school and chil a lil bit.”

Hehe, well, we had to sober up by force because we had to start catching up with the school schedules like morning classes that actually force you to take a shower in the morning and actually swag up, hehe (the body is like, “pheeew, finally you are covering me up with smart clothes”).

The assignments and CATs that we had kept pending or postponed, caught up with most of us and it isn’t interesting at all.

The buruwein has refused to cooperate manze!

The consequences of staying at home for nine months without studying are still being painfully felt months on. Leki’s have a tough times recapping of lessons taught months ago, shida ni eti bado wengi wetu hatuload! Am hoping that’s about to change for the better.

Even so, we are optimistic we will sail through this semester safely, keeping in mind Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s words, to live without hope is to cease to live. Therefore guys, let’s enjoy every bit of it!

Imelda Nasubo

Nasubo is a Mining Engineering student, A natural with words, and is particularly passionate about, but not limited to adventure and travel reviews. The engineer in the making enjoys welding her thoughts or reporting around campus life, while still at it.

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