Voi Breast Cancer Awareness Forum happening on Friday

During the month of October, the entire world commemorates the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Essentially, it’s a month geared towards creating awareness about the disease, driving attention towards possible causes and remedies of the ailment, educating people on the importance of early screening, and testing. It as well helps in highlighting the plight of patients and advising the public on how to support those suffering from breast cancer.

Voi4ioV a Tsavo Media Group brand, primarily concerned with Corporate Social Responsibility and the spirit of Giving back to the community, is partnering with VSO, River Jordan Medical Center, Sote Hub, BE-Energy and Tsavo Air Limited to bring the local residents the Breast Cancer Awareness Forum. The Forum will be held on the 30th of October, this upcoming Friday, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., at the Red Elephant Bistro Building in Caltex. 

The Forum will be graced by DR. Eunice Wahome CEO of River Jordan Medical Center, who will share more medical insights and general perspectives around the disease that accounts for 12.5% of total cancer cases in the country. The Forum will also have a Q&A session from the audience lead and guided by Lilian Mumbua, a senior columnist voi2day.com.

Courtesy of River Jordan Medical Center, there will be free screening for willing attendees, with a special focus on but not limited to women and the girl child.

Potential participants are expected to reserve a spot in advance. For those who will not get the chance to join in the forum physically, optionally there will be a live stream on voi2day and related partner Facebook pages.

As a contribution towards a healthy community, all are encouraged to consider participation both physically or virtually. Mark the date, On the 30th of the breast cancer awareness month, let us meet, connect and learn.

For more info, rsvp and enquiries kindly fill in this REGISTRATION FORM or email foundation@voi2day.com

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