voi TBT: Remembering 2020. Local Sports Rejuvination

2020 saw a tremendous improvement in sports activities at large. The visibility, County support and fan base involvement.

Additionally, The Dawson Mwanyumba Stadium finally had its much-needed upgrade. After years of shady deals from contractors plus never-ending complaints from the stakeholders within the sporting fraternity, His Honorable delivered one for the people and what a blessing it has been.

With its new status alongside Wundanyi town’s serenity, it wasn’t much a surprise when Premier League’s side Sofapaka made a successful bid to have it as their home turf. Now locals from the county can enjoy some live football from Kenya’s premier.

It’s worth noting, Taveta Sisal FC once again lifted the Governor’s Cup under the Leadership of veteran coach Salim Chalambo who’s probably the only individual to have won the silverware both as player and coach of Taveta Sisal FC. Cheers to more honors!

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