VSO & Sote Hub holds youth leadership forum. Deputy Governor graces.

Where a group of intellectuals come together be sure something good is brewing. Knowledge is power as many would say. Sote Hub in partnership with VSO hosted the Taita Taveta County Youth Leadership Forum on 9TH November, and managed to draw quite a number of youth leaders regionally. This forum was sponsored by Hanns Seidel foundation, a foundation that focuses on civic management, good governance, strengthening devolution, political dialogue, peace and human security, sustainable economic development, environmental awareness, and climate change adaptation. The foundation partners with donor organizations to ensure that all these areas are implemented.

A section of the youth in attendance.

The forum hosted a number of guest speakers that talked and shared ideas on the topic of the day “Youth and Leadership-Practical Solutions to Youth Challenges.” Among the speakers was the deputy governor, H.E Majala Mlagui, the CECM public service and administration, Hon. Janet Oben, founder of Mucho Mangoes, Mr. Didas Mzirai, Country director, VSO Kenya, Mr. George Awalla and lastly, general manager of Metta, Mr. Maurice Otieno. Speaking about the organization Mr. Maurice Otieno spoke in length on how to bring ideas into action. He gave an insight on what the organization mainly does, giving entrepreneurs the chance to network with other players in the market as well as connecting them to the relevant resources that will help them get to the next step of their main objectives. Additionally, he urged all the entrepreneurs to first build their own internal capacity, understand the different challenges that are involved with the business idea before venturing into business and ensure that the employers should create a free working environment to bring forth comfortability since great ideas are born where freedom is guaranteed.

Taita Taveta County deputy Governor making a presentation at the forum.

Mr. George Awalla touched on creating change makers and young leaders through volunteering programs. He urged the youth to always jump on volunteering opportunities since it gives them the chance to learn more skills and knowledge in different fields. Equally, he put much emphasis on being resilient in anything that you purpose to do. Staying ahead of competitors and ensuring that the business does not fail requires one to understand their surrounding market and thereafter build their internal resilience to be guaranteed sustainable development.

A youth participant at the even airs some thought at the forum

Social entrepreneurship was also a topic of interest during the forum. Didas Mzirai encouraged the audience to be social entrepreneurs envisioning doing good , impacting the society positively and  at large making the world a better place.

Sote Hub Director, David Ogiga, giving his remarks

Hon. Janet Oben talked about youth participation in governance and urged the youth to be aware of what the constitution says about youth governance. Her Excellency, the deputy governor, Majala Mlagui, highlighted on tapping from talents and innovations of young leaders in Taita Taveta County. She urged young people to come up with ideas that are innovative and sustainable enough. She went on and called upon the youth to be responsible enough and take advantage of the opportunities created for them by the county. They should be on the lookout for opportunities and grab them as fast as possible. She promised that the county government will be there to support the youth where they can.

Deputy Governor Majala Mlagui (centre), shares with the youthful audience. Looking on is Mucho mango’s founder, Didas Mzirai(left)and VSO Country Director George Awalla.

VSO’s team locally led by county coordinator. Ms. Joyce Peshu alongside Sote hub’s Leadership led by the Director David Ogiga and Centre Manager , Harry Mwailengo; in their remarks commended the entrepreneurship spirit of young people and re-assured of their commitment to do more in making them better whether as separate organizations or through joint initiatives as such.

From a general viewpoint, It was a wonderful learning experience and the attendees definitely left the hall, informed and empowered.

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