Waiguru exoneration; a proof that the law is blind and an ass

Ab initio, Waiguru is a seasoned thief. Simple. Her fingers always get itchy at the sight of public money, a culture she  developed since her days as the CS for Devolution where mega scandals notoriously involving her name were unearthed. The Chief Whistle Blower was none other than Raila Amollo Odinga who vowed to ensure that she resign so as at facilitate further investigation surrounding the NYS Saga and as well, enabling the strong arm of the Law crush her to ashes. Waiguru had to take a sabbatical citing her deteriorating health due to stress-related issues. She also felt that her right to privacy was being violated. Fast forward to 2017-18 where she resurfaced as a contestant in the Kirinyaga County Gubernatorial race to face among other rivals, the fierce legal brain in Martha Karua. It is in this period that she vowed to teach the “MUGURUKI” a lesson for soiling her “good public image.” How Waiguru was cleared by The EACC, The DCI and later The IEBC remains a mystery. Kirinyagans eventually voted her, for reasons known to themselves.


Fast forward again to just recently, immediately after the HANDSHAKE truce and Waiguru literally reconciled with the man she termed as a lunatic. They buried  their hatchet, thus further benefiting herself with cleansing agents. She once again became the MINJI MINJI delicacy that H.E Uhuru used to refer to during his final presidential campaigns. She was reborn, free of moral defects. From then henceforth, Waiguru has been a frequent visitor to Capitol Hill and has been photographed together with MUGURUKI on such occasions.


Being pro-BBI coupled with her own eloquence and the legal and lingual mastery of her Lawyer husband, Waiguru was already a “persona nolle prosqui” in whatever criminal circumstances or proceedings that Kirinyaga County MCAs would subject her to. They did their part. They got every right to attempt to impeach her on the grounds presented before The Senate. It’s the decision of The Senate that conclusively subverted justice for Kirinyaga population. Her case was rushed in a record one week, while we still have similar allegations idly lying as a backlog for courts, since the Goldenberg era. While admitting that indeed Kirinyanga County Government is indeed home to economic criminals, The Senate cleared Waiguru but preferred to bay for the blood of her juniors (Chief Officers) chiefly among them being the Chief Finance Officer for the County.


Relate such events to our County, Kilifi and imagine a situation where our MCAs attempt to impeach H.E Amason Jeffah Kingi; though it’s next to impossible for these lousy honourables to even slightly think of it. But supposing they successfully do it. The matter will be escalated to The Senate where we have our very own representative who’ll obviously defend Kingi. While here at home, BBI drive will kick in again earnestly with Kingi as the captain. End result? Similar absolution to Waiguru’s.


This process of impeaching an incumbent GOVERNOR especially on grounds of impunity has weak links. Leaving politicians to prosecute, try and judge fellow (senior) politicians serves to guard vested political interests by the same political fellows. If we cannot directly subject culpable politicians to High Court Chambers in search for justice for the electorates, then it’s even a waste of time for our MCAs to pass a motion of impeachment against their Governors.


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