What I see in Sue

I am absolutely sure you are all wondering the meaning of what I see in Sue, and what I could probably have to say about this Sue person. Well, most of you refer to her as Kate the actress, but today am not talking about Kate, but the alter ego she played in this comic drama called Sue na jonnie. For the Kenyans you definitely know her, but for our global readers, just take a quick detour on You Tube type Sue na jonnie and you will understand. I don’t guarantee you will though because despite my deep Kenyan and mostly eastlando heritage I still don’t get some of the sheng spoken in the comedy.

You know there is this language in Kenya that started in the ghetto. It was like a trend for the youngsters who lived there and a way for them to communicate with each other in a unique manner. The language born was called sheng’, a popular language that is a blend of all the popular ethnic languages in Kenya. A lot of words that are part of the Kenyan dialect are a result of this language. Mokoro, nijeaz, bleina, mtaratara, mbogi, just to mention a few, are some of the words used by natives of this language, in short ghetto-raised children and anyone born after the year 2000. As I am writing this piece the most popular word is ‘omoka’ and I see a bright future because mimi pia nitaomoka very soon **you get the gist I bet**.

Anyway where was I? Sue right, Sue is this character of a lady from the ghettos who is ready to do anything to get the mulla and her baby back. She will act if need acquires her to, she will intimidate you like crazy if she has to, when the case arises she is in cahoots with gangsters, I mean you can’t just get enough of this woman. She literally always has a plan up her sleeve or under her wig, if I dare say so. So you may wonder what it is about this absolutely crazy character that speaks to me.

It’s the woman in her, yeah, there is that I am woman and I will do anything to get to where I want to go sense. It’s that vibe she brings, she can turn on classy, get those heels apply the make-up and kill it with that twang she has in her English, and then go gangster depending on the day or mood and the occasion. I just like seeing her turn on her game on the jamaas. From the fake jonnie juma and his fake girlfriend to the real jonnie juma who was hit by his real girlfriend, it is an endless rollercoaster with Sue taking center stage from creating chaos to coming up with solutions for all the chaos she caused. The entire drama is filled with twists and turns, but Sue stands out. She is like a phoenix and she rises from every occasion better. When all seems to be lost and you thinking walai Sue this time amepatikana, she just slithers out of the situation unharmed thanks to her loud mouth, her obscene words and definitely her willingness to get down and dirty, fighting whenever she needs to.

Despite the fact that this is a television character, I find myself admiring the woman she is. I don’t know if Kate is as crazy as Sue but man, that chiq is phenomenal. She makes me want to be a woman more. I can’t tell what it is about her that draws you in, gives you the crazy and makes you wish you could do just a quarter of the stuff she does, I mean who goes to an orphanage to steal their own daughter. The whole idea is certainly crazy but I think as a woman we all need a little bit of Sue in us, to help us overcome situations we normally won’t get ourselves out of.

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